This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s time for King of Pro Wrestling! John is joined by first-time guest Hayley (@choerrycoloured) to help break down NJPW’s biggest show of the fall. But before we get into KOPW Hayley talks about how she got into wrestling in general and NJPW specifically (which coincidentally involves John and they had no idea) and there’s also some more #animetalk on everything from Love Live to some recommendations for the new fall season and more. Once they get into the show they start right at the top of the card with lots of thoughts on Okada-SANADA and Ibushi-EVIL and how the whole double title/double dome thing is or isn’t shaping up so far. Hayley as a huge Kota fan has some thoughts on whether or not his G1 win feels a bit overshadowed at this point as well. The rest of the card is covered in reverse order too including the makeshift US Title match, thoughts on the junior title battle that are sure to be controversial with some, the Liger-Suzuki showdown and much more. After going into KOPW in great detail and briefly looking ahead to the Super Junior Tag League, John and Hayley wrap up the show with a brief overview of the first two weeks of AEW Dynamite, including what’s working for them so far and what isn’t and what they would like to see change in the future. It’s a fun show with a brand new guest, this week!

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