Attack – Voices of Violence – Wednesday – The Dome, Tufnell Park. 

BritWres is dead right, or maybe it’s not. I mean it most certainly is but the number of shows taking place on our shores this week may suggest there’s still some fight left in the old dog yet. Attack Pro is the first to step up to the plate this week, with Voices of Violence taking place at The Dome this Wednesday. Obviously, since this is Attack, finding a card is harder than finding the lost city of Atlantis. Only two matches have been announced of yet, and they have lent into their WWE buddies for one of them, with Moustache Mountain taking a break from doing jumping jacks in Enfield to challenge Dan Moloney & Man Like DeReiss for the Attack tag titles. Moloney and DeReiss have been in possession of the tag titles since dethroning Aussie Open in June and the NXT:UK boys will be their biggest challenge yet. The other match announced is Chief Deputy Dunne vs Robbie X.  To watch this and the rest of their show, sign up to their On Demand.

Battle Pro Wrestling – Gang Warfare – Friday – Tudor Livesey Memorial Hall, Sydenham. 

If I lived in London, then I would definitely be a regular at Battle Pro shows. Their line-ups always look great and like a who’s who of the forgotten lads of the UK scene. TK Cooper, Connor Mills, Ashmore, Darrell Allen and Jordan Breaks are all very much in the ‘Midcard, could be about to break-out’ category and all of them shall be appearing at the Tudor Livesey Memorial Hall on Friday for Gang Warfare. Chris Brookes is also on the card facing David Francisco, and Talia Martins defends the Women’s title against Dani Lana. Go and check out their Twitter page.

Breed Wrestling – Starrcave – Saturday – Peak Cavern, Castleton. 

This show was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago until some tit decided to tattle tale to the council, and it got postponed. It’s a sad state of affairs when people aren’t even allowed to have a little wrestle in a cave anymore. Damn Brexit. Breed has done a good job of getting the show back on track and have tried to keep the line-up as close to the original as possible. Unfortunately, Danial Makabe and Michael May are no longer possible, but A-Kid vs Carlos Romo is a nice little substitute, especially since it looks like they’ll both be losing to El Ligero and Joseph Connors on the show that no sod watches pretty soon. There’s also a bit of a tough bastard battle between Dan Moloney and the young Luke Jacobs that is right up my alley. Moloney has had a cracking few months getting rid of that NXT UK stink and his style should be a perfect mesh for the incredible young talent of Jacobs. The Breed Championship is still getting an outing as TK Cooper defends against Brady Phillips, Big Guns Joe & Scotty Davis. David Starr, Chris Brookes, Mike Bailey, Chuck Mambo, More Than Hype and Spike Trivet are also entering the Devils Ass. I was really looking forward to the first show and I will def be watching this bad boy. Come on ya fuckers, get some Starrcave into you. 

Rev Pro – Live in Southampton – Sunday – The 1865, Southampton. 

Southampton has become a bit of a regular haunt for Rev Pro and this Sunday they are back at the 1865 Club. As talked about last week the promotion is in a bit of a slump at the moment but they are continuing to introduce some new talent into their ranks to make up for their recent losses. Senza Volto is appearing again and will be competing in a cracking little international match against the always great Mike Bailey. That’s a guaranteed beauty of a match right there and the fans in Southampton are lucky fuckers. One of my faves, Mercedes Martinez, is also appearing in Southampton, as she takes on Gisele Shaw. The latter has been making a name for herself in the UK recently and Martinez is bloody brilliant, so Sign me up for that. 

United States

Bar Wrestling 45: You Got It, Dude – Wednesday – Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles. 

It’s 2019 and The Rock ‘n’ Roll express are getting booked all over the place. Life is weird. What’s even weirder is they are still pretty bloody good, even if they are due a haircut. Old Ricky and Robin are back on the Indie trail this week with a little visit to Los Angeles for Bar Wrestling. The fact that a team with such close ties to Jim Cornette is working for a promotion owned by Joey Ryan is a beautiful thing that I’m sure could inspire many hours of podcasting gold. Their opponents on Wednesday are The RockNESS Monsters team of BHK & Yuma. A team I know next to nothing about but I’m sure will take a cracking destroyer from Ricky. Brian Cage is a regular the Bar Boys and he will be facing fellow Impact star, Daga. Big boy, flippy do guys going at it. Nice. Tessa Blanchard will also be at The Bootleg Theatre taking on Miranda Alize. The show will be available to watch here.

West Coast Pro Wrestling – 1 Year Anniversary: Nobody Does it Better – Friday – San Francisco, California. 

Hanging around the West Coast for the 1-year anniversary of West Coast Pro Wrestling. The San Francisco based promotion will be proving that ‘Nobody Does it Better’ on Friday, with some cracking matches already booked. Jacob Fatu, Chris Dickinson, Jake Atlas and AEW’s resident dinosaur Luchasaurus are all in town, with Atlas vs Luchasaurus a definite stand-out match of the night. Other West Coast regulars such as Andy Brown, Tyler Bateman, Douglas James, Will Hobbs and the scary-looking bastard JR Kratos, are also booked. Kratos is someone I have enjoyed in both Bloodsport shows and I’d like to see a bit more of him. Plus, he looks like he could kill me with his toes. Visit their Facebook page for more.

Beyond – Sodom & Gomorrah – Saturday – House of Independence, Ashbury Park. 

Beyond are in New Jersey on Saturday for Sodom & Gomorrah, their first show since the 2nd season of Uncharted Territory started. This afternoon show is taking place in the regular home of GCW, and Game Changer shall be running their own show right after this one. I’ve become a big fan of Beyond this year, even though I’m not really into the Intergender stuff they have plenty of wrestling to appeal to everybody. Kris Statlander is their real break-out this year, and on Saturday she’ll be taking on Matthew Justice. As I said, this match isn’t really my cup of tea, but Erick Stevens will be wrestling John Silver so there’s a little something in there for me. The Butcher & The Blade are booked too, just a shame they are facing a team I have no interest in watching. Ahh well, at least we get to see The Meatman. Check out their website.

GCW – No Sleep – Saturday – House of Independence, Ashbury Park. 

Right after the Beyond show Game Changer will be putting on a little show of their own. ‘No Sleep’ will see Nick Gage continue his rather violent reign as GCW Champion with another defense against Matthew Justice. The challenger is pretty handy when it comes to the light tubes himself, so this could get a bit messy. Tony Deppen and Mance Warner are also pretty popular to the GCW crazies. Deppen, in particular, has had a stellar year, and they will be facing off against each other at the House of Independence. Beyond’ top dog, and recent Bloodsport headliner, Chris Dickinson is also in action and probably pulling double duty. Go to their Twitter page to find out more.


Melbourne City Wrestling – Ninth Anniversary Extravaganza – Friday & Saturday – The Thornbury Theatre, Victoria. 

Last week I mentioned how women’s wrestling down under is bloody marvelous, and I’m guessing that MCW saw that and decided to run a tournament to crown their first-ever women’s champion. Well, you are welcome. The tournament in question is taking place during the promotions Ninth Anniversary Extravaganza over the weekend. Avary, fresh from her awesome showing in the Stardom 5* Grand Prix, has to be the favorite in my opinion, and in the first round, she faces the powerful Steph de Lander in the stand-out match. The rest of the field includes Jessica Troy, Kellyanne, Candy Lee, Kingsley, Tarlee and Xena. An Avary vs Kellyanne final would be lovely. The extravaganza will also see a big old tag match with Adam Brooks & Slex putting aside their problems to take on Caveman Ugg & NXT Trainer, Hartley Jackson. According to Cagematch, Jackson hasn’t wrestled for a year but it’s great that Daddy Trips has allowed him to go back to MCW for the weekend. Oh god, please don’t join the WWE Indie groups MCW. I’m begging ya. Anyway, there is a lot more planned for the weekend, with Will Ospreay teaming up with Kyle Fletcher to take on The Natural Classics in a No.1 contender match on night 1, where the winners will get challenge The Brat Pack the following night. Visit their website sign up for their On-demand and marvel in the wonder of Avary.

United Pro Wrestling – Halloween Bash – Friday – The Shed, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

The Stockman is still UPW champion, so all is right in the world. My favorite wrestler has dominated the realm of United Pro Wrestling this year, and on Friday he makes his next defence against ‘The Gospel’ Matthew Gabriel at Halloween Bash 2. I’ve also just found out that there is a StockMania T-Shirt and I now want someone to buy it for me. Come on lads, Christmas is coming. Hook me up. 

If the Stockman isn’t your thing (what are you, a robot?), then Ricky Rembrandt and Sirius-Lee Clean shall be having a rematch of their match from Aftermath in September. At that show, Sirius used some of those crafty heel tactics by spraying disinfectant into Rembrandt’s eyes. So maybe Rembrandt should wear some goggles or some shit. Go on Ricky son, protect those corniers. Their Facebook page will give you more info.

Riot City Wrestling – Rocktoberfest – Friday – HQ Complex, Adelaide. 

Over in Adelaide, Riot City Wrestling is hosting Rocktoberfest from the HQ Complex on Friday. The best tag team in the country are probably Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti. The latter has been kicking ass in the States lately with his work in PWG and Beyond, but along with Bonza and his Four Nations buddies he has been winning belts all over the shop in his native Aussieland, and I have it on good authority that they are bloody entertaining. At Rocktoberfest they will be hoping to add the RCW titles to their CV’s by challenging the current champs, Gods & Monsters. Moretti had to battle the champs on his own at the promotions Key to the City show in August but with Bonza at his side this could be a great match. In the main event, Rocky Menero will be making his 2nd defense against the newly crowned No.1 Contender, Chris Basso. Both men have a lot of history at the HQ complex and RCW have done a great job of building up the importance of this match. 

Rest of the World

C*4 – Underground – Friday – Beyond the Pale Brewing Company, Ottawa. 

One of my best friends lives in Canada. I’ve been trying to get him to go to a C*4 show but since he’s a bit of a twat I’ve had no luck. Probably doesn’t help that he lives in Vancouver, but still, he’s a twat. Anyway, C*4 is giving the tag teams a crack on Friday with the first T.A.G Memorial tournament. Teams including TDT, Fight or Flight, Double Dragons, Punk Rock Pussycats and Fear the Beard shall be fighting it out. My money’s on TDT, since they’re pretty much the big boys of the Canadian tag scene. Daniel Garcia is also making his debut for C*4 taking on Aiden Prince for the first time ever. Garcia has really impressed me with his work in Beyond and it’s great that C*4 is giving him a big push. You can find out more by checking out their website.

Destiny – Haywire – Sunday – Don Kolov Arena, Mississauga. 

What a marvelous few months Alex Zayne has had. A relative nobody on the Indies, then he throws a crazy moonsault at GCW’s Backyard show and he suddenly becomes one of the most sort out guys on the scene. The guy is bloody great though and he is exactly what the Indie scene needs right now. On Sunday, his career takes him to Canada for Destiny wrestling’ Haywire show in Mississauga. There he faces a guy I mentioned above on the C*4 show, Aiden Prince. The main event is a massive match in the current Indie landscape with current Destiny champion and Impact tag champ, Josh Alexander, defending the title against ROH stalwart, Marty Scurll. I’m not the biggest Scurll fan, but Alexander is great. The show will also see an appearance from Shawn Spears, RJ City, Dalton Castle, Trey Miguel and Kevin Blackwood. More info is available on their Twitter page.

Power of Wrestling – Live in Bremen: Larger than Life – Saturday – Bremen.

Oh shit, Sabu is going to Germany. He’s gonna do something stupid and get arrested, isn’t he? Please behave yourself, Mr. Sabu. The crazy bastard is in the country to appear for Power of Wrestling at their Live in Bremen show on Saturday. The silly old fucker will, of course, be having a hardcore match against the German veteran, Michael Kovac. That match has clusterfuck written all over it. Former NXT guy, Sylvester LeFort, now going under the name Tom La Ruffa, will be appearing along with UK legend James Mason. Have a gander at their website.