This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk two New Japan US shows that we attended live, plus chat some DDT! First John is joined by returning guest Bryan Quinlan to talk NJPW’s Fighting Spirit Unleashed shows from NYC & Philly. Hear us discuss 90 minute ambulance delays, unruly fans, much nicer fans, who was over and what the crowd reactions were like in general compared to past US shows (including the ROH/NJPW shows in some of the same buildings), and of course break down all the matches across both events. After those two reviews and a brief preview of the following week’s Korakuen and King of Pro Wrestling, the two dive into a big mailbag featuring lots of questions on what kind of shows NJPW should run in the US, how the cards compared to past events here, yet more Naito at the Tokyo Dome questions and much more.

After we wish Quinlan farewell for the week John gives the first solo review on Omakase, as they talk DDT’s Who’s Gonna TOP? 2019 Korakuen. John breaks down the entire card including two ****+ matches and one that was close, as this was a very good show. Plus, John talks about the announcement of the D-Oh competitors and runs down the card for the upcoming ULTIMATE PARTY show from Sumo Hall. A fun time talking New Japan and DDT, this week!

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