This week on Wrestling Omakase we look at the end of a tour and two tournaments. John is joined by returning guest TJ (@aspir_) as they start by discussing their upcoming weekend, including two meet-ups ahead of NJPW FSU (NYC 3 pm at Pioneers Bar, Philly noon at Toll Man Joes!) and also a little bit of #animetalk. Once they actually get to the wrestling they start with New Japan, as John and TJ talk all about the Destruction in Kobe event. A lot of time is spent on the Naito-White main event as John breaks down all the reasons why they loved it, plus offers some takes on Naito’s booking and some Naito fans that you may find a little surprising from them. Then the two of them break down the rest of the show, including an awesome Shingo-Goto match and the end of the Young Lions Cup. They wrap up the New Japan talk by looking ahead at the Fighting Spirit Unleashed cards plus King of Pro Wrestling and speculate about Power Struggle and the Dome.

After NJPW they turn their attention to All Japan, as the two of them wrap up the Oudou Tournament that we started covering last week. We talk all four second-round matches, two of which we both really loved, and then the semifinals and finals (which we disagree a bit on). Plus we discuss whether or not Jake Lee can still be saved and more. Then our last promotion discussed is STARDOM where we break down the finals of the 5STAR Tournament, Hana Kimura’s last few matches in general, and TJ offers some recommendations for the rest of the tournament if you’re way behind (like John was!). Finally, we tackle a big mailbag this week featuring lots of questions on all 3 companies, including: who will the next THREE World of STARDOM champions be? Who should beat Miyahara and when? What’s the best inanimate object in STARDOM? Is there a ceiling for how good a Young Lion match can be? And much more!

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