SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

Watch: Stardom-World

Two injuries down and deep into this tournament I’ve yet to review a truly bad show and I’m confident that streak will continue as Saki Kashima and Natsu Sumire renew their legendary rivalry (yes, I’m exaggerating but also no I’m not) and tournament MVP Konami takes on someone that can wrestler her kind of match and play to her strengths.  Let’s strap in for what should be a good show here in Fukuoka

Red Stars
Avary Def. Tam Nakano

A good match that allowed both to look good.  Tam got to control the match and showed off her always good looking offense while Avary looked at home with Tam and never looked to be a step behind.  Good, solid stuff to kick off the block action. **3/4

Blue Stars
Bea Priestley Def. Nastuko Tora

This was a better match than I was expecting as I didn’t think Natsuko’s desire to brawl would mesh with Bea’s usual slower match pace.  What we got was a bit of JAN era Natsuko back as she used her power-based offense to get the edge on Bea.  I can’t say this blew me away but it was fine **1/2

Blue Stars
Konami vs Andras Miyagi- Draw

A good match that didn’t feel like 15 minutes had passed.  Miyagi used the same skills we saw in her match with Kagetsu as these two had a very technical match that stood out from the usual matches we see in Stardom.  While it never went into top gear they paced themselves well and made me excited to see a rematch down the line.  ***1/2

Red Stars
Natsu Sumire Def. Saki Kashima

The return of comedy Natsu has been so refreshing.  She was on form here as she and Saki rekindled their epic rivalry.  Some people may tell you that Natsu getting blown up from running too much, getting beaten up, hitting the referee in the nuts twice and then pinning Saki with her own move is bad.  But I’m here to tell you that they are wrong.   This was a fun extension of the feud between Natsu and Saki and the decision to have Natsu use Saki’s own move to do the trick was a stroke of genius. ***1/2

Red Stars
Hana Kimura Def. Momo Watanabe

If you told me that Hana had run over Momo’s puppy or something I’d believe you.  From the word go Momo kicked the absolute shit out of Hana.  This one was violent and fast-paced and a very good match with some uncomfortably loud kicks from Momo.  The high stakes added to this one as these two are battling it out at the top of the block and the tie-breaker may well come into play in the red stars block.  ***3/4

September 16 Evening Show

This show had only three block matches due to Utami’s injury so instead of giving it it’s own review I’m lumping it on top of the early show from the 16th.

Red Stars
Avary Def. AZM

With the win, Avary ended AZM’s chances of winning the block.  Another fine match for Avary to add to her collection with AZM being her usual very good self.  **3/4

Blue Stars
Konami Def. Natsuko Tora

An ok match, Tora’s brawling was kept quick and before I knew it we were at the finish, which came out of nowhere.  **1/2

Red Stars
Saki Kashima Def. Hazuki

These two had some wars over the high-speed title so they’re used to wrestling these kinds of sprints.  This one was good with Hazuki going in hard for the majority of the match before Saki got the surprise roll-up win. ***

Final Thoughts

A good show despite whatever tournament fatigue you may have, there was a nice variety in the top matches on the card with the more comedy/story-driven Natsu vs Saki match, the more ground-based Konami/Andras match and the absolute war between Momo and Hana.  Avary vs Tam from the undercard was also a nice quick match with Bea vs Natsuko being the only really skippable match.  The evening show was hurt by losing the Kagetsu vs Utami match (which would’ve ruled) and was only three matches long, it wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t good.  It’s a show that exists and that’s probably the best way to put it