SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

Watch: Stardom-World

With very little of note happening on the earlier of the two shows I decided to combine both into the one review.

Red Stars
Hazuki Def. Avary

This was an okay match to kick off the block action.  Avary once again fell in line with her tournament average.  **1/2

Red Stars
Momo Watanabe Def. Natsu Sumire

A good match with Natsu trying to hang with Watanabe.  Momo has been consistently good in this tournament and playing off Natsu’s current underdog story continued that string of good matches. ***

Blue Stars
Jamie Hayter vs Konami

This one was quite slow paces and sloppy in parts.  Can’t say it was bad by any stretch but I never really got into is.  ***

Blue Stars
Kagetsu Def. Bea Priestley

I quite liked this match.  I think Kagetsu really makes people like Priestley look good, as evidenced by her matches with Toni Storm.  She’s able to work around the style the gaijins wrestle and really kicks up the intensity when she’s on offense to make the matches more exciting.  Probably Bea’s best match of the tournament ***3/4

Evening show

Red Stars
AZM Def. Saki Kashima

Something right out of the High Speed division here with both going for the kill from the word go.  These two are very used to wrestling this style and pulled off a really fun 5-minute match here that didn’t overstay it’s welcome but was also entertaining ***

Red Stars
Tam Nakano Def. Natsu Sumire

We’ve seen serious Natsu so far for the majority of this tournament.  This return to the slightly comedic, yet still somewhat heelish Natsu was refreshing.  Her kidnapping Tam’s soulmate P-Chan and using that against her was fun at first and before it got too old the match turned in Tam’s favor.  Tam going out of her way at the end to hit her German suplex was also a nice bit of extra retribution.  The ringwork wasn’t blow away but the characters meshed well here. ***

Blue Stars
Jamie Hayter Def. Jungle Kyona

This one was tough to rate knowing that Kyona got hurt as can be seen by the finish.  Hayter was quite confused at the referee calling for the bell after the submission.  Before that the match had been ok, Hayter’s slower-paced matches are really standing out in this tournament and not in a good way.  Kyona’s offense was the highlight of the match as she laid into Hayter but there wasn’t enough of that. **

Red Stars
Mayu Iwatani Def. Hana Kimura

This was a Mayu Iwatani match so there’s a high floor and this one just about made it above that.  I’m never shy about the fact that Hana doesn’t click with me but Mayu will always bring out the best in her opponents. ***1/4

Final Thoughts

Maybe it’s just general fatigue as we hit the latter stages of this tournament but nothing really hit me from these two shows.  They weren’t bad just very in the middle with a lot of 3-star matches.