Watch: Stardom-World

Maybe not the most exciting card of the tournament on paper but this show does have potential to produce some good matches as Mayu Iwatani and Hazuki could deliver a great high speed bout while Kagetsu and Jungle Kyona could be great

Red Stars: Avary Def. Saki Kashima

This was actually a good match.  They worked a fast pace, laid in some good forearms and didn’t really waste any time.  Saki is someone that I think can get a good match out of anyone and this further proves that theory as Avary hasn’t looked better than she did here.  Good, fun match despite being a bit sloppy in parts. ***

Red Stars: AZM Def. Hana Kimura

Wow what an upset AZM defeats the leader of Tokyo Cyber Squad.  AZM has been the star of this tournament so far, getting over with fantastic matches against some of the best in the company and now earning this big win over Kimura.  This was a good match though as AZM threw everything she had at Kimura for a majority of the match.  ***1/4

Blue Stars: Jungle Kyona Def. Kagetsu

This was a great match between two of the top workers in the company.  Kagetsu really helped take this match to the next level with her selling as well as that one sequence where she fired up and attempted to murder Kyona which had me jumping out of my seat.  Really great clash of styles with Kyona not taking it easy on Kagetsu ****

Red Stars: Hazuki Def. Mayu Iwatani

For a while this looked like it was going to be a limb work match.  They then abandoned that for a back and forth contest that absolutely banged.  Iwatani has been so consistent in this tournament and continues to deliver no matter the opponent. ***1/2

Blue Stars: Arisa Hoshiki Def. Andras Miyagi

This match over-delivered thanks to it taking a completely different approach than I expected.  Arisa played the heel in this one cockily delivering soft kicks to Miyagi’s head while she was down, generally being ruthless and it paid off.  Hoshiki is fantastic as a babyface but adding this to her arsenal makes her an even more dynamic champion that can play the heel when necessary against fiery babyfaces.  Credit to Miyagi for selling well and helping Arisa play her new role.  ***3/4

Final Thoughts

Maybe the strongest show of the tournament yet.  I went in with lower expectations than usual and was blown away with each block match standing out and delivering.  Kagetsu vs Kyona delivered big, Arisa and Miyagi surpassed expectations, Mayu and Hazuki are Mayu and Hazuki and even the lower matches were good.