We’re back with more news! Rayo successfully defended his Hatun Auqui Championship against Pedro Pablo and Alessandro, Carranza became the Light Heavyweight Champion in Italy, AKARI obtained her first victory in Japan, Eddie Blas turned 1 year on EWA Maryland, Infest TV documentary aired and more, up next: (Spanish version here)


  • Que viva la revolución! The Peruvian wrestler Rayo, faced his Chilean colleagues Alessandro and Pedro Pablo at Fight Society, as another defense in his Pride of South America challenge. Here, he managed to retain his belt in an all-south American starred match. Also, on Tuesday, he will share an important announcement about his match on Puerto Rico’s PRWA, which is set for November.

  • Carranza Two Belts? Spain based Peruvian wrestler, Carranza, became the new Italian Wrestling Association (IWA) Junior Heavyweight Champion, when he defeated The Sabinian Fighter, David Karm. Carranza still owns RIOT’s briefcase, which allows him to cash it for a Championship opportunity at any time. Will he became a double champion soon?
  • The business continue. On Gladiadores, Infest is kinda worried about his upcoming match against Reptil and El Virrey Rafael de Salamanca, but his tag partner, Ian Muhlig, asures him everything will go as planned. The official card of the event is completed with the superheroine Alissa Webb facing Cava, a triple threat match between Mansilla, Apocalipsis and Zero, the last man standing match between Axl and Jhoan Stambuk, and the recently announced match between Kassius, Farid and Franco Azurín. In the past show, Kassius fiercely attacked Farid, one of Reptil’s students. Now that Reptil is back on the promotion… Will Kassius repeat the attack?
  • First episode! By the way, Infest published the first episode of his 4-part documentary called “Desde La Bóveda” (From the Vault), on his YouTube channel, Infest TV. Here, he details his trip to Chile with Cava and Ian Muhlig, for the 2019 Clandestino Tag Team Tournament. The video playlist containing all the episode teasers and the first part of the trip is available, here.

  • Always more than ready. Eddie Blas faced Rico Diamanté in the last match of the Warehouse Wars First Championship Tournament. Sadly, he couldn’t win, and lost all chances to reach that belt. Later that night, the veterans Bill Ward and Syler faced The Students of Pain, Saúl Esparza & JB Junior, in a grudge match. Rico Diamanté appeared to help the Students, which was countered with Eddie Blas intervention. Eddie, armed with a chair, succeed to drive the Students away, from which he received cheers from the audience. Also, the Peruvian wrestler turned one year with the promotion in this event.

  • For a good cause. The Peruvian wrestlers Latino Connection Inc. participated in the charity event Music 4 Cancer, on September 13th and 14th, in en Canadá. 


  • First win! Japan-based Chilean wrestler AKARI had two matches during Saturday. First, she teamed with Leon in DIANA, to face Jaguar Yokota and Ayako Sato, who got the win. But in Pure-J, she joined Kaori Yoneyama to face HAZUKI and Riko Kawabata. It was here where she obtained the first victory of her career, after 5 months of his debut in Japan. Her next announced match will be on Sendai Girls, on the 21st of this month.

  • Aaaand new! Chilean Wrestler Nikki became the new Female Champion of Lucha Libre con Altura, a Bolivian promotion, on its most important event: Jach’a Uru.
  • Don’t stop the party. Chilean promotion Campeonato Nacional de Lucha (CNL) keeps on updating episodes of its web series CNL: Legacy. This week’s episode is dedicated to reviewing the evolution of Herco Wisky, an Argentinian wrestler, who was the first international talent to take part on the promotion. The playlist with all the past episodes (Ariel Levy, Eddie Vergara and the Boris Müller-Perfecto Bundy feud) can be seen here.
  • Calama’s Challenge. Guanchulo and Alejandro “XL” Sáez will visit Calama on the 29th of this month. They will be facing Lucha Libre Calama’s Tag Team Champions Pashenko and Rocko El Payaso on the event Resurexión. Also, Carnicero Inhumano will debut on the promotion against Milko Antish.


  • The Ace has returned. Ecuadorian wrestler Pardo finalized his Rebellion Tour, in which he visited 5 different promotions in Perú and Chile.

New Matches in South America

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