September 1, 2019
Sendai PIT
Sendai, JAPAN

Watch: Stardom-World

The 5STAR Grand Prix rolls through Sendai with two former Sendai Girls talents in the main event.  Konami vs. Arisa Hoshiki is also a highly anticipated rematch from the Cinderella tournament so here’s hoping that delivers.

Red Stars
Mayu Iwatani Def. Avary

A decent match to kick off the block action.  Avary is still quite young so expecting her to be the complete package would be silly but as I said on Day 1 she has all the tools to be good.  Mayu is Mayu and she was consistent as ever here.  Special mention to Avary for selling Mayu’s beautiful superkick liked death.  **1/2

Red Stars
Tam Nakano Def. Momo Watanabe

This was a Momo match.  She controlled the early portion of the match before her opponent comes back for a hot back and forth finish.  This descended into suplexes and kicks and some spinning back kicks and was generally fun.  Tam getting the win is a big surprise but her performance more than earned the result.  ***

Blue Stars
Utami Hayashishita Def. Jamie Hayter

In isolation, this was a good match that allowed Utami to really show off her judo background.  In the context of this card, it kind of dragged a little as it was the slowest paced match on the card by far.  Nothing bad but never got super exciting ***

Blue Stars
Konami Def. Arisa Hoshiki

A very good match here from these two.  Selling fetishists will hate this one but overall it was a fun match that didn’t rewrite the script for either woman.  Konami used submissions and kicks while Hoshiki just desired to kick Konami’s head off.  I do think these two have a better match in them but this was a very enjoyable match nonetheless. ***3/4

Blue Stars
Andras Miyagi Def. Kagetsu

Two Sendai Girls trained performers main eventing in Sendai and having a very Sendai Girls-style match.  It was quite slow at times with quite a bit of submission work.  It was a nice change of pace for a tournament that has often been balls to the wall but for me was nothing I will remember by the end of the tournament.  Andras getting the win over her faction leader is a surprise and one that further throws into question the hierarchy of Oedo Tai.  ***1/2

Final Thoughts

A decent show with nothing dipping into bad territory but only one match really impressing.  This may be one of the more skippable shows of the entire tournament but even then it was an easy watch with only one match going over ten minutes.