5STAR GRAND PRIX 2019 – DAY 3 (Evening SHOW) 
AUGUST 25, 2019

Watch: Stardom-World

Bea is in the main event so this will be relying on the semi-main event to deliver.  The undercard looks fun though as Tam/AZM could impress

Red Stars
Tam Nakano Def. AZM

A fun, hard-hitting, back and forth bout.  AZM got to show off with some nice high-speed spots while Tam got to use her array of kicks and won with a beautiful German suplex.  A fun match in the middle of the card that didn’t overstay it’s welcome but still exceeded expectations. ***1/2

Red Stars
Saki Kashima Def. Hana Kimura

This went eight seconds but I do love how Stardom treats rollups like deadly maneuvers that can end a match at literally any time.

Blue Stars
Jamie Hayter Def. Natsuko Tora

These two offer something different from the majority of the wrestlers in this tournament which helped this stand out.  It didn’t overstay it’s welcomed but it was an entertaining back and forth featuring some funny character work, like Natsuko giving Jamie a taste of her own medicine with the wet willy, that won’t make any Match Of The Tournament lists ***

Red Stars
Natsu Sumire Def. Mayu Iwatani

Natsu being serious got it’s payoff as she managed to roll up Mayu for the suprise win.  Mayu was rolling and it looked like she was going to make quick work of Natsu before getting caught by the same move that Saki Kashima used to beat her back on Day 1.  Sumire may be acting serious but the fact she used Saki Kashima’s (who she’s been feuding with) move to win and trying to claim it as her own post-match is what makes Natsu one of the best characters in Stardom ***1/2

Blue Stars
Konami Def. Utami Hayashishita

A clash of styles that provided a back and forth match that was really good.  We’re seeing two performers on the rise in Stardom and at least one guaranteed future red belt champion collide here and they lived up to the high expectations.  Konami has been given a breath of fresh air since joining TCS and getting a win over Utami is further proof that she is the ace of TCS.  For her part, Utami looked dangerous but just got caught in the triangle lancer which cost her the match.  Great stuff and easily MOTN ***3/4

Blue Stars
Jungle Kyona Def. Bea Priestley

This was fine, the start with Kyona selling her back wasn’t very interesting as Bea never really works well on top.  Down the stretch, the match was hurt by the crowd just not buying into Priestley’s big fire up spots.  Kyona did well and took the brunt of the punishment while also delivering her usual power-based offense.  The countout win is smart as it protects the top champion from a loss but also makes Kyona look smart. ***

Final Thoughts

An enjoyable show of tournament action with nothing being bad and two surprises along the way.  AZM/Nakano definitely delivered while Konami and Utami had a very good match in the semi-main.