United States

St Louis Anarchy – Battle of Spaulding – Friday – Spaulding Hall, Alton, Illinois. 

Nick Gage is an absolute maniac, Jake Parnell is a War Horse. On Friday they batter the living crap out of each at the Battle of Spaulding for St Louis Anarchy. The show takes place at their regular venue in Alton, Illinois. Parnell has been a mainstay for the promotion since they return to the business last year and anybody who’s seen him knows that he always delivers. With Gage, I can take or him leave him personally but there is no doubt that he is an absolute star on the Indie scene. Another St Louis regular is Parnell’s long-time rival, Gary Jay. The 16-year veteran is taking on another stalwart of the Indies, ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson. Dickinson has had a cracking year with his exploits in Beyond and this should be quite tasty. Go check them out here.

Northeast Wrestling – How You Doin’ – Friday – Waterbury, Connecticut. 

Northeast have done it again. Offering what is probably as close to an Independent dream match that we can get these days. I’m not sure if Pentagon and Joey Janela have ever faced each other before, but on Friday, the AEW boys will be doing a lot of stupid shit to each other. Well, Joey will be doing the crazy stuff, Pentagon will probably just be yelling ‘Ciero Mieda’ for the entire match while taking his glove off. Another of the AEW contingent, Darby Allin, will be defending his Northeast championship against Brian Anthony. The other member of Lucha Bros tag team will also be in Waterbury, as Rey Fenix faces JT Dunn. As you can guess from the show title, nZo and his big buddy will also be wrestling for some reason. I have no interest in either of those guys, but Janela and Pentagon sounds a bit nuts. Visit their website to find out more.

GCW – Bloodsport 2 – Saturday – The Showboat, Atlantic City. 

I am counting down the minutes until this bad boy starts streaming. Even if Jon Moxley can’t make his scheduled match with Josh Barnett, it’ll still be bloody awesome. Barnett’s first curated Bloodsport in New York is probably my favorite show of the year, with the Barnett vs Suzuki match also amongst my matches of the year. Everything about that show was incredible and seeing those hard bastards kick lumps out of each was the best moment of the entire weekend. Marketed as a shoot style, no ropes show, it was built up slowly, with each match getting longer and more focused as the event went on before the main event blew everybody away. You know, as a main event should. While it may not have been your traditional wrestling show, it was probably the most fun I’ve had watching a show this year. 

One person who also seemed to have a whale of a time watching was Jon Moxley. The then Dean Ambrose watched from the balcony along with William Regal and that talent relations guy with the funny name. Once Moxley left WWE it was rumored that he could appear at the next Bloodsport, and when it was announced through that brilliant promo video that he’d be facing Josh Barnett everybody took of their pants in excitement. Unfortunately, due to Moxley’s injured elbow, his status for the show is unclear. I’m still hoping we get to see it but if we don’t, then Mr Barnett has still pulled together a decent line-up; with Tom Lawler vs Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Nicole Savoy vs Allysin Kay both announced. The women’s match in particular is intriguing, as it will be first time the women have partiocipated in Bloodsport and I can’t wait to see how they get on. Especially Savoy, who perfectly suits that style. Zachary Wentz will be breaking away from his usual high-flying style to face Anthony Henry, and Timothy Thatcher will be taking on Pancrase legend, Ikuhisa Minowa. I don’t think there’s any wrestler in the world more suited to this style than Thatcher. I have already forked out 20 quid for this on Fite and you should do so too. 

Without A Cause – EGO – Sunday – VFW Post 2100, Everett, Washington. 

I believe I covered the last Without a Cause show mainly because Daniel Makabe was wrestling Erick Stevens and they are both awesome. I haven’t seen that match yet but I’m still hoping too at some point. Makabe is back for their next show on Sunday, where he will be facing someone I know almost nothing about, Eddie Osbourne. The Canadian made his debut at ‘It’s Getting Hot in Here’, with a victory over Owen Travers, and from what I can tell he’s a bit of a technician himself. Grapplefuck babay, I’m all in. The August show also saw a new champion crowned, as Chris Bey defeated former champions Chase James and Jordie Taylor. The champ makes his first defence on Sunday against PWG regular, Jake Atlas. Ethan page is providing the Ego in the show title by challenging Steve Migs for the Verified title. If you’d like to check them out, then visit their Twitter page

United Kingdom

Pro Wrestling Soul – Soul 6: Living Forever – Friday – Merton Arts Square, Wimbledon.

Time for a little bit of Soul, Pro Wrestling Soul that is (I’m so sorry). The Wimbledon based promotion, who are still in their first year of existence, will be holding their 6th show, Living Forever on Friday from the Merton Arts Square. The women will be taking center stage for the day with the quarter finals to crown the first women’s champion. 8 of the best women in the UK will be going at it hoping to leave with the title belt. Dani Luna, Charli Evans, Candy Floss, Chakara and Bobbi Tyler are the bigger names competing, with Kanji, Talia Martens and Darcy Stone making up the numbers. And I certainly don’t mean that in a bad way, as all three are really good. Visit their website to find out more.

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Dark Days, Bright Knights – Saturday – Kings Oaks Academy, Bristol. 

As is the affect (check) of WWE trying to take over the UK, Pro Wrestling Chaos announced recently that they will be going out of business soon. It is a hell of a shame, as I’ve always enjoyed their shows and they gave a lot of guys in the South West a chance to get some experience. They aren’t done yet though, and on Saturday they hold their next show, Dark Days, Bright Knights at the Kings Oaks Academy. David Starr will be in town to face Danny Jones. My fellow Welshman Jones has yet to break out like I’ve been expecting but this could be the match to do it. Paul Robinson & Beano (now that’s a weird team) shall be defending their tag titles against The Anti-Fun Police. Robinson and Beano is such a strange team that I’m definitely going to have to check them out before the promotion closes down. The Grizzled Young Vets are on the show too, along with Mike Bird, Big Grizzly and Dick Riley. Visit their website, watch their shows and let’s send them out with a bang.

Pro Wrestling Eve – Wrestling with an Agenda – Saturday – Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green. 

YES, Mercedes Martinez is back in the UK. I love this woman. I’ve often questioned why she hasn’t been snapped up by a big promotion yet and her recent appearance for AEW gives me hope. The bad ass will be appearing for Eve on Saturday where she will be facing Jinny. No offence to Jinny but she’s gonna get destroyed in that match. Wrestling with an Agenda will also see a title defense from Rhia O’Reilly, as she puts her belt on the line against Roxxy. There will also be a She-1 qualifying match, with Millie McKenzie and Solo Darling facing off for a place in the best named tournament in wrestling. For more info on how you can watch, visit their website.

Futureshock – Uproar 108 – Sunday – Stockport Town Hall, Stockport. 

Futureshock are having a cracking year. Their recent shows have been getting good reviews, they have given a platform for younger guys like Luke Jacobs and John McGregor to make some buzz, and they’ve also given us one of the most engaging feuds in BritWres right now between Soner Durston and Joey Hayes. With Durston as the Futureshock champion and Hayes holding the Adrenaline title, the two have been on a collision course for a while now, with both men wanting to prove that they are the top wrestler in the company. After unforeseen circumstances stopped it from happening last month, the showdown will finally be taking place on Sunday at Uproar 108. Hayes has been a stalwart of the Manchester scene for a while now and Durston is the new kid of the block ready to take his mantel. With both titles on the line, I can’t wait to watch this. Should be a beauty. PAC is at the Stockport Town Hall too, facing CJ Banks in a match marketed as King vs Gatekeeper. As I mentioned earlier, Luke Jacobs is a star in the making and the young powerhouse will be taking on another local guy, Kevin Lloyd. Keep your eye on Jacobs. Visit their  website for more.

Rest of the World

PWA Black Label – Academy Showcase 1: Hotdogs & Handshakes – Friday – Ingleburn, New South Wales. 

The PWA Academy are showcasing the young talent from their training school this week with Academy Showcase 1: Hotdogs & Handshakes taking place on Friday in Ingleburn. Some of the more established names such as Jessica Troy and Matty Wahlberg will be appearing alongside younger names like Michael Spencer, Kai Drake, Jay Sorbet and Tuff Stuff Ricky South. The Aussie scene is constantly producing awesome new talent and PWA a very much at the forefront of that, so check them out here and get a glimpse of them guys before they break-out.

Wrestling GO – New World Borderlands – Saturday – Marayong Community Centre, Blacktown. 

Tuff Stuff and Jessica Troy will be making the trip over to Blacktown the following day, for Wrestling GO’ ‘New World Borderlands show. Tuff Stuff will be competing in a battle of the absurd names as he takes on Tree Hugger Luchi, and Jessica Troy is facing Kellyanne. Big fan of both women there, so I’ll be trying to get a look at that one if I can. The best named tag team in wrestling, Juan Direction, shall be dancing their way around the Marayong Community Centre too. Bloody hell that’s a good gimmick. Well played guys. Go and watch their work here.

Italian Championship Wrestling – Fight Forever #10 – Saturday – Centro Sportivo Costa, Lombardia. 

Italy is marvellous. Wrestling is marvellous. So that must mean that wrestling in Italy is pretty good. The place to go for such a thing is Italian Championship Wrestling, who will be holding Fight Forever #10 on Saturday in Lombardiio. The Fight Forever live show series began a year ago, and their 10th instalement will be headlined by a 10-man tag match, where the team of Andy Manero/Alessandro Corleone/Kobra/Riot & Mr Excellent face off against Nick Lenders/Mirko Mori/Tenacious Dalla & The Top Players. Now my Italian doesn’t go far past ordering a cappuccino and a plate of meatballs, so I have no idea if this match is elimination or why it’s happening, but it still looks fun though. Check out their website and let me know.

Singapore Pro – Klash of Kings – Sunday – Singapore Foo Chow Association. 

Kenny is taking over Asia this week, only it’s not where you think. The best bout machine is appearing for Singapore Pro Wrestling, as the promotion team up with OWE for Klash of Kings on Sunday. Mr Omega will be teaming up with CIMA & Shaolin Monk to take on the Team SPW trio of Onslaught & The Butcherman. Haven’t got a clue who they are but I’m sure Kenny and the OWE boys will be on top form. Kenny will also be over in Taiwan on the Saturday for New Taiwan Wrestling. 

The rest of Klash of Kings will see more SPW vs OWE contest, with T-Hawk & El Lindaman taking on Alex Cuevas & Aiden Rex, and a title defence from Destroyer Dharma as he puts Singapore Championship on the line against Big Hood Jack. That tag match looks interesting, I love me some Lindaman. Visit their website to find out how you can watch.