5STAR GRAND PRIX 2019 – DAY 3 (Afternoon Show) 
AUGUST 25, 2019
Osaka Sekaikan

Watch: Stardom-World

A quieter show with only four Grand Prix matches and the first part of an August 25th double-header.

Red Stars: Momo Watanabe Def. Saki Kashima

A fast-paced match which saw Saki try to pull off a similar “banana peel” win from day 1.  Momo was her usual self and was ruthless on offense, making sure to give Saki as few chances as possible to get a foothold.  A fun, energetic midcard match. ***

Red Stars: AZM Def. Hazuki

These two have shared the ring quite a few times this year in matches for the High Speed Championship so they know each other inside and out.  Like their other matches, we had the fast-paced wrestling that makes the High Speed title so fun and then Hazuki got overconfident and allowed AZM to get the win.  AZM getting 4 points already is a bit of a surprise as she’s spent most of the year eating pins in Queen’s Quest tag matches, but maybe they’re finally realizing what they have in her and giving her a push to match her talent. ***1/4

Blue Stars: Andras Miyagi Def. Jungle Kyona

I went into this one expecting a hoss banger.  I got a bit of that and then this descended into comedy about Kyona being a teacher and Andras the student.  This one was absurdly fun, especially Miyagi winning by wrapping Kyona’s head in a plastic bag for the rollup but it’s tough to rate on any sort of star rating scale. **1/2(?)

Blue Stars: Arisa Hoshiki Def. Natsuko Tora

A match built around Natsuko working on the leg of Arisa, which is probably going to become the arc of her tournament.  A good match with Arisa building to the comeback and flurry of kicks, but one that got over that cocky, sadistic side that she has when she broke up her own pin to hit Natsuko with one more strike before getting the win.  ***1/4

Final Thoughts

A show that was entertaining to watch but didn’t have any matches that you NEED to see.  Day 1 of the GP is probably still the best show so far, but nothing has been bad since as even this show flew by and was fun to watch.