This week on Wrestling Omakase we hit a double dose of action from across the Atlantic! John is joined by returning guest Quinlan to talk two big shows from the same day, starting with NJPW Royal Quest live from London. Hear their thoughts on a rocky live stream experience from FIVE TV marring what seemed like a good undercard, another pretty whatever IWGP Tag Team Title match, a NEVER title match that was going great until it suddenly wasn’t, and finally two awesome main events that really saved the show.

Once that’s out of the way they turn their attention to AEW’s second PPV and fourth show overall, All Out from Chicago. They run down the entire nearly 5-hour show including a women’s casino battle royale that was much better than the first, a tag match that reminded them why they don’t really like a lot of US indies, a fun main card opener, Omega-PAC which they (perhap unsurprisingly) had very different viewpoints on, an absolute car crash of a 3-way, The Dark Order still not working out super well, a good joshi match that had to fight a dead crowd, Cody-Spears with a surprising finish, another Young Bucks ladder match where it looked like people were going to die, and finally a surprisingly great main event with the JUDAS IN MY MIND. A fun show talking two big wrestling cards, this week!

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