AUGUST 31, 2019

Watch: PPV & BR Live


Griffin Peltier: An accurate star rater thanks to Griffinflation, Griffin is back to review ALL OUT just one year after reviewing ALL IN. He’s watching intently because he plans on doing one last TEW 2016 save game with All Elite Wrestling after this show – coming soon to the Voices of Wrestling forums! Follow Griffin on Twitter @Hollywd12 if you love bad tweets and even worse hot takes.

Suit Williams: Suit Williams is here to finally watch an AEW show live!  You can find his podcast Smark Sports wherever you find quality podcasts, and you can follow him on Twitter @SuitWilliams.


Griffin: Big fan of the start of the match, having Nyla run through the other four in with her to start was a great booking idea. She wrecked them and it was very good. This had great pacing for a battle royale, nobody overstayed their welcome and those who needed time to shine got that time. A few surprises here including Tenille Dashwood, Nicole Savoy, and ODB! Jazz looks very good and I hope she sticks around for the long run. Mercedes Martinez was the Joker and got a good pop and shone. While some spots were sloppy, the match flew by and was fun to watch. Stories were focused throughout, with the main focus of storyline progression being Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley. Much better than the men’s version as Double or Nothing. ***1/4

Suit: A lot more fun and a bit more cohesive than the first Casino Battle Royal, as every section had its own story. The first section was having Nyla Rose run over and eliminate everyone, and the second had Britt Baker go after Bea Priestley before she got into the ring. The third was focused on everyone taking out Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes before the Joker Mercedes Martinez came out. It came down to Priestley, Baker, and Nyla. Baker eliminated Priestley, but Priestley pulled a Sid in the ‘92 Rumble and grabbed Baker’s arm. That allowed Nyla to toss Britt out and get the win. ***1/4


Griffin: This was my favorite type of match – cool spot after cool spot. The match was a little sloppy but was very fun. Private Party got over very quickly with some of the impressive stuff they pulled out. The MVP of the match, however, was Jack Evans’ neck. Guys were flying all over and the action was non-stop. I also enjoyed the time limit calls throughout the match. Did I mention Jack Evans is great? Private Party’s finish, the Gin & Juice, is great. They’ve got something special with Private Party. Fun match. ***1/2

Suit: Private Party are gonna be the breakout stars of AEW if this match is any indication. They are innovative and talented, if a bit sloppy, and the people are into them. A little bit of tuning and some time, and these two are gonna be money players in this company. This match was a spotfest and a showcase for the Party, as they get the win with the Gin and Juice. Afterwards, Angelico and Evans turn on them, which will be a nice introductory feud for them on AEW TV. ***½


Griffin: Luchasaurus is a star and should be the AEW World Champion at some point in the next two years! This was a very fun opener that made all six competitors shine. SCU had the experience advantage but Jurrasic Express dazzled with some very cool spots. Luchasaurus is great and delivered big in his spot. Impressive outing from all and lots of fun to watch. ****

Suit: Couldn’t watch this one due to technical issues on my end.


Griffin: Big match feel right from the opening bell. Omega opening the match with some showboating helped put over the cocky attitude he’s had recently on the Road To YouTube shows and it worked as PAC returned the favour by being a bastard. The match was kinda weird in the middle, they did a lot of dives but it felt like something was missing. They hit hard and executed the moves beautifully, but a lot of it felt like moves with no intensity behind them. I don’t know if PAC was affected somewhat by injury but things felt a little slow even though everything was fast-paced. The match picked up by the end and things got a lot better in the ring and both guys brought it! I love the V-Trigger but it being used as much as it has been has taken away a little bit of its value – nevertheless, it always gets a pop. I was very surprised by the finish, PAC countered a One-Winged Angel into a Brutalizer submission and Omega passed out forcing the ref to call the match. Very out of the blue finish but it worked. The match as a whole felt a little weird in the middle but the ending was something else. With the overall story told, everything worked out in the end. ****1/4

Suit: PAC surprisingly getting the win here with a standing Rings of Saturn. The match before it was very good, although I feel with some build they could make something with a little bit more of a narrative. There were a lot of dives to start, but they were within the deliberate pace of the start of the match. As things heated up, it was clear that PAC was on another level than Omega. That, and the finish, can easily be attributed to the late change in opponent for Omega. A good debut for PAC, and another loss on PPV for Omega. You wonder how many of these big losses Omega can take before he loses some steam. ****


Griffin: Jimmy Havoc stapled himself twice, was then taped to a steel chair, had thumbtacks dumped in his mouth, and then had his mouth taped shut all within the first few minutes of the match. Joey hit Darby with an Emerald Flowsion onto the ring apron and the thud was sick. We also had paper cuts between fingers and in the MOUTH. These spots were something else and not for the faint of heart. Janela moonsaulted to the floor with nobody there and BOUNCED upon landing. Darby did a coffin drop through a CRACKER BARREL ONTO THE STEEL STEPS. Jimmy Havoc put an end to this with an Acid Rainmaker through a barrel on Janela. Complete insanity. I don’t know how these three will make it out of bed tomorrow morning. A spectacle from start to finish and something you would never see from any other mainstream wrestling company in North America. They went out there and didn’t care if they died. Insane. A very good display of blood and guts. ****3/4

Suit: Jesus. Talk about playing to their strengths, these guys all went out and got over with an insane plunder match. Darby went out there and killed himself, Jimmy got over his sadistic character, and Janela bumped like a maniac as well. Griffin said it best, an absolute spectacle of a match. Havoc goes over, and all three of these guys are made bigger stars in the process. Cracker Barrel got their goddamn money’s worth. ****1/2


Griffin: Excalibur gets extra points from me for calling this a donnybrook. This was a technically sound tag team match but the crowd was absolutely dead for this one. A major part of that has been the presentation of The Dark Order since their debut. Stu did a beautiful dive but it got no reaction. Order won with the Fatality on Trent. The wrestling was fine but the lack of interest hurt it. Orange Cassidy saved Trent from getting abducted after the match and it got more of a reaction than the match itself. ***

Suit: A technically fine tag team match with no juice. I get the Bucks getting behind the Dark Order, but they just have not shown whatever it was that got them over in PWG in 2014. I would bet it’s the gimmick, but their work hasn’t been blowaway either. If they want to try again, I wouldn’t be against it, but they need to pivot course here. Dark Order get the win with the Fatality on Trent. Orange Cassidy makes his debut and saves Trent from getting taken by the Creepers, so it looks like they will be a unit going forward. ***


Griffin: Both Riho and Shida brought it in this one. Shida worked over the back to start the match and they worked well together from there – especially with the classic bully vs. underdog story. The crowd was a little dead for this to start but slowly came around by the end. We got a few spots but a lot of nearfalls looked awfully close to full threes and took me out of the match just a little bit. Riho’s rollup looked a little sloppy to end the match. Some good stuff and it should build up the joshi talent overness for future live crowds. ***3/4

Suit: This was fine. It was another competently wrestled match, with Shida being the bully and Riho being the underdog. It was just another match with no real backstory, and with the stipulation being added on quietly (to the point where I didn’t know this was a title qualifier beforehand), it didn’t feel like there were stakes to it. The crowd did try to get into it though, and the work was solid. Riho got the win with a roll-up, and it will be her vs. Nyla Rose on 10/2. Simple enough story for the first TV, the biggest woman against the smallest. ***1/4


Griffin: Cody picked MJF to be in his corner opposite Tully Blanchard in Spears’. The seconds got involved right off the bat and the match started hot immediately. The spots featuring MJF, Tully Blanchard, and Earl Hebner brought things to a halt and took away some heat from the crowd. The action in the ring was fine and the crowd woke up again when Arn Anderson came to the ring and dropped Spears with a spinebuster much to Tully’s surprise. That ruled. Cody hit a Disaster Kick to a chair placed in front of Spears’ face for the win in a good match that tried to be a storytelling classic but fell just short of its goal. Cody plays a great face. ***3/4

Suit: So it looks like Cody’s big matches aren’t gonna be technically great, but if they can stay as fun as this one was, I’m for it. MJF, Tully Blanchard, and Arn by god Anderson got involved, and it never overstayed its welcome. Now, my fear was that Spears wasn’t going to be anything special, as his presentation has been very good so far.  My fears came true, as he was very much “just a guy” here. But they were able to overcome that and have a nice start to the money end of the card. ***3/4


Griffin: This started hot right out of the gate and never really slowed down! Dives and spots galore from bell to bell including a metric ton of broken ladders, table, and bodies. PENTAGON JR. HIT CANADIAN DESTROYER OFF THE TOP OF A LADDER THROUGH A TABLE AND MATT JACKSON MIGHT HAVE DIED. Nick Jackson’s feet clipped the top rope in the classic tip the ladder and the guy falls into a stack of tables on the outside. The landing was disgusting – only for Matt Jackson to then fall spine first on a ladder that was pushed over only to then take PACKAGE PILEDRIVER on a ladder propped up between the apron and guardrail. The bumps in this were nuts. The right team won the match to end this feud for now. Santana and Ortiz made their debut after the match and finished the job on the broken teams in the ring. This was a great match and a definite match of the year contender. *****

Suit: Another great match from these two teams. Wild moves, wild spots, wild danger. I know the more indy connected fans may be tired of this matchup, but this is the kind of stuff that will get a bunch of people into the product once October 2 hits. Both Jacksons had scary falls, Nick Jackson especially, but they were able to finish the match. The Lucha Bros hit the tandem piledriver on a ladder and grabbed the belts, before two masked men came in and attacked everyone. They unmasked to reveal themselves as Santana and Ortiz, the former LAX! Another stellar addition to the AEW tag team division. ****1/2


Griffin: Hangman came out on a damned horse! The AEW belt looks fantastic as well. Chris Jericho was bloodied above the eye in the same spot he bloodied Page in the past – a fantastic piece of storytelling. This was a fantastic match that showcased the best of both Hangman Page and Chris Jericho. The spots in this one were well thought out and I was a big fan of Jericho kicking out of Hangman’s finisher. It showed that Jericho’s experience advantage gave him the edge over Hangman. Jericho winning was the best option and will surely get mainstream attention. Hangman would work fantastic on a chase to getting the ultimate goal. He’s a guy for the future. Great match and great booking. *****

Suit: Hangman riiiidin’ on a horse, makes me lonely. Shout out to Aubrey “Graham” Edwards for reffing the main event. This match had good storytelling and a hot closing stretch, but was too long and suffered from being at the end of a four-hour show. Hangman getting payback on Jericho by busting his left eye open was an awesome bit, and Jericho hitting THE JUDAS EFFECT OUTTA NOWHERE was a great finish. Shave ten minutes off and this may have been a great match, but even still, this was a fine bit of business with the right guy winning for now. ***1/2