NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff
August 31, 2019
Motorpoint Arena
Cardiff, Wales 

Watch: WWE Network

Travis Banks vs Noam Dar 

I really don’t think you could put together a combination of any two wrestlers in the world that I care about less than Noam Dar and Travis Banks. The Scottish Supernova for weeks had been saying he was guaranteed a spot on TakeOver Cardiff alluding to NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint gifting him special privileges. Dar, the heel was proven be telling the truth when Sid Scala made this match official. 

For whatever reason the NXT UK braintrust seem to be fully behind Dar so I expect this to be a showcase victory on the big show for the young Scot. Banks is a total non entity in NXT UK and it would appear that he was only given this match as a make good for removing him from TakeOver Blackpool in favor of Finn Balor earlier this year. There is a very real possibility that this match goes too long and loses the crowd but if kept relatively short this could be quite good. Prediction: Noam Dar

Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey – Last Man Standing 

Gallus, Gallus, Gallus and more Gallus. That is how the weekly TV feels as Gallus appear to be omnipresent on the show. Anyone that remembers my TakeOver Blackpool review will be aware I am no fan of Joe Coffey and yet I am hopeful that this match will be Actually Good. 

This has been one of the better feuds over recent weeks. Your mileage may vary on the Last Man Standing stipulation but it fits this feud and doesn’t feel shoehorned in which is normally the case on WWE ppvs. Just let these two guys hit each other hard and throw each other into and through various objects and this will be enjoyable. Coffey has had a main event in the recent past and the upper card is well served with heels at the moment so it would make little sense for the Scot to beat Mastiff. However, Gallus are a pushed act and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon so this could go either way. Prediction: Joe Coffey 

NXT UK Tag Team Championship
Grizzled Young Vets vs Gallus vs South Wales Subculture

MORE GALLUS!!!! Wolfgang and Not Joe Coffey this time representing the Scots however I don’t expect them to keep the streak of Scots on the show winning their matches. The match itself is incredibly thrown together and really the combination of participants leads me to believe that this will be at best fine and at worst absolutely awful. 

South Wales Subculture is truly one of the worst tag team names of all time and them earning their spot in this match by winning two SINGLES matches is nonsensical. Flash Morgan Webster is probably the worst good wrestler on the brand and everything he is involved in just leaves me hoping for it to end quickly. Gibson and Drake are perfect champions for the brand however I think this match exists for one reason only ; the hometown boys to get the big win and a feel good moment on a show that will mostly feature heel victories. My big hope is that SWSC win and quickly drop the belts to the far superior Imperium duo of Barthel & Aichner Prediction: South Wales Subculture 

NXT UK Women’s Championship
Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray

I have really enjoyed the build to this match. They have played up the fact that KLR and Toni were at one time incredibly close friends who traveled the world together but now a professional jealousy has lead us to this match. Toni is the bubbly popular champion while KLR is the bitter former friend who will go to any length to hurt Toni even going so far as to bring up Toni’s former friends, ex boyfriends and even her dad all abandoning her. 

With all that said this could very well be the best womens match under the WWE umbrella in 2019. Both women are capable of delivering to an incredibly high standard and with only 6 matches on the show, timing should not be an issue here at all. I am incredibly hopeful that this will be great and launch both women onto even greater things in WWE. Prediction: Kay Lee Ray

WWE UK Championship
WALTER vs Tyler Bate

As I type this I am watching the Prime Target NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff show and it is hard not to feel excited for this match. Yes neither WALTER nor Tyler Bate have lived up to their own high standards much this year. Yes working in the WWE environment will bring certain restrictions. Yes this is a retread of a match that PROGRESS main evented their biggest show ever with less than a year ago.

Yet this is WALTER in a big spot. This is Tyler Bate in a big spot. This could be something quite special. Imperium will get involved. Trent Seven will get involved. In spite of that and any other restrictions imposed upon them I expect they will overcome all of it and deliver a true MOTY contender. The build to the match really didn’t matter. It was very paint by numbers. Imperium takes out Bate, WALTER takes out Seven, Bate returns, the match is made, Bate takes out Imperium. Pretty basic stuff and yet I’m still excited just thinking about the possibilities for this match. I expect big things and I really hope I am not disappointed. Prediction: WALTER 

Those are the announced matches on the show.

Cesaro has stated that he will be in Cardiff and looking to be “hands on” in his appearance. The most popular theories are either a Cesaro vs Jordan Devlin singles match or a Kings of Wrestling reunion for Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. Either option is fine with and I’m sure both would be very very enjoyable. 

Talent of the caliber of Ohno, Devlin, Pete Dunne, Aichner and Barthel, Rhea Ripley and Trent Seven not having announced matches on the show is rather baffling when dross like Dar and Flash are in featured spots. The card while not bad would look much better if more of the aforementioned talent were involved more prominently on the show.