Open the Voice Gate is back to talk about about Dangerous Gate and preview the first half of September’s live shows for Dragon Gate! Case (@_inyourcase) and Mike (@fujiiheya) break down what was a very good, but very very weird feeling Tokyo Big Show offering which involved Ben-K’s first Open the Dream Gate title defense, an incredible No Disqualification Twin Gate match, and a bunch of other very weird but good shows. After that, they preview Gate of Origin and DG’s monthly Korakuen shows that are coming up that have a bunch of battle royals and repeat tag matches. The show slightly goes off the rails when Mike’s Siri reacts to one of the matches, and a little bit more when they talk about Tominaga Dance Factory. It’s almost September, and it’s bizarro world in Dragon Gate, so It’s somewhat fitting. Please Rate and Review Open the Voice Gate on the podcast platform of your choice and follow us on twitter at @openvoicegate.

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