World Wonder Ring Stardom
5STAR Grand Prix 2019 – Day 2 
August 18, 2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
Tokyo, Japan

Watch: Stardom-World

After a perfect start to 5Star Grand Prix, we have day two which features the first time match between Arisa Hoshiki and Utami Hayashishita in the main event as well as Konami vs Bea Priestley in a rematch from their recent title match and AZM vs Mayu Iwatani which promises to be a good match.

Red Stars: Momo Watanabe Def. Avary

Momo Watanabe was looking to get her first points on the board after losing to Hazuki on day 1.  She didn’t miss a beat here as she stuck to her game plan and came away with the win.  Avary was impressive going up against the Ace of the company and looked better here than in the fatal four-way from the first 5 Star show.  The only issue with this match was the pacing they wrestled it like a normal match but it went 4 minutes and I could see these two putting on a very good match if given time **1/2

Red Stars: Hana Kimura Def. Natsu Sumire

I liked the story of this one and I’m liking where they’re going with Natsu.  Kimura went out here looking to put away someone she considers a joke.  Natsu has seemingly thrown aside her comedic character for this tournament and is instead looking to prove herself as a wrestler.  While it may not deliver matches as entertaining as comedy Natsu it’s a tournament long arc that I could see ending in an emotional victory for Natsu somewhere down the line.  **1/2

Blue Stars: Jamie Hayter Def. Andras Miyagi

This just never got going.  They spent 80% of the match on the ground and then it was just kind of over.  The actual wrestling wasn’t bad so I can’t call this a bad match it just happened and that’s it.  **

Blue Stars: Kagetsu Def. Natsuko Tora

This was 90% crowd brawling and it did give us some cool visuals like Tora beating Kagetsu with an umbrella and Tora hanging Kagetsu by her sash.  Tora took the fight to Kagetsu but the crafty leader of Oedo Tai only needed one spray of mist to turn the tide and get the win.  It’s hard to rate a match like this where it was spent in the crowd but it held my attention.  **

Red Stars: Mayu Iwatani Def. AZM

This was exactly what I was hoping to see from this match.  Mayu rolling back the years to her time in the high speed division and wrestling AZM’s match.  We got that as AZM took the fight to Stardom’s icon right from the beginning and the sequence of rollup counters at the end wouldn’t look out of place in a high speed title match.  Very good match and another good performance from AZM. ***1/2

Red Stars: Tam Nakano Def. Hazuki

With Hazuki being that bit faster Tam had to make the most of every opportunity she was given in this match.  You felt the importance of every move as Tam brings an intensity to the ring that very few can match.  The match played into the strengths of both participants and was really fun to watch.  ***1/4

Blue Stars: Bea Priestley Def. Konami

They went the right route here and had Konami work from the top as she attacked the knee of Priestley.  This allowed Konami to dominate a majority of the match with her kicks and submissions leaving Priestley to throw running knees and cool looking suplexes.  And you know what? it worked far better than having Priestley work from the top, the crowd actually started to get behind Priestley and this was maybe her best performance in Stardom to date.  More of this and less of her working on top to dead crowds. ***1/4

Blue Stars: Utami Hayashishita Def. Arisa Hoshiki

A very good match from these two.  You had Hoshiki relying on her strikes and kicks while Hayashishita used more of a suplex and submission based approach.  The end result was a clash of styles that maybe wasn’t on the level of Hoshiki’s top matches but was still really good nonetheless. ****1/4

Final Thoughts

Not as good as Day 1 which I felt had the perfect pacing for each match and really breezed by but a good show nonetheless with a great main event and some really good tournament matches sprinkled in.