Another week full of news! Gladiadores announced their wrestling school, the Danzak Lucha Dojo in Surquillo. Also, Rayo has some news about his Hatun Auqui belt, 3 Peruvian wrestlers will travel to Chile, 5 Luchas Clandestino announces the date for their Torneo Deathmatch 2019, Pardo has a titular defense in Chile, the results of CNL’s Batalla Real y and much more. On the cover, Cava and Ian Muhlig at the Danzak Arena, thanks to Gladiadores photographer. (Spanish version here)

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A new era for the Danzak Arena. After their show Cuentas Claras, we have some interesting news about the Peruvian promotion Gladiadores: Their next show will have the 4th consecutive match between Jhoan Stambuk and Axl, with a Last Man Standing stipulation. This match, also names the show, which will be called Último Hombre en Pie. Also, Ian Muhlig, Cava and Infest will travel to Chile, to compete on 5 Luchas Clandestino. Finally, Gladiadores’ pro-wrestling school, Danzak Lucha Dojo will be opening on September 1st, with a free training session. The confirmed official trainers are: Apocalipsis, Axl, Mansilla and Reptil, who will be returning to Perú after 2 months outside the country.

Aaaaand Still! Rayo had a successful 2nd defense of his Hatun Auqui Championship against Brian Johnson, at Atlantic Pro Wrestling (Full match here). The Pride of Perú Challenge keeps on making a name Rayo in the United States. UPDATE. Rayo renamed the Pride of Perú Challenge as the Pride of Sudamerica Challenge, looking to represent this part of the continent in USA.


The battle has come! Campeonato Nacional de Lucha published its show Batalla Real, in which we could see up to 4 title defenses: the Metropolitan Championship, Tag Team Championship, Women National Championship and National Championship. Also, this show hosted the awaited Royal Battle to obtain the number one contender to the National Championship.

Pardo knows! Ecuatorian wrestler Pardo, started his South American tour this past weekend in Peruvian promotion Gladiadores and will continue it on Chile Lucha Libre, where he’s going to defend his Wrestling Alliance Revolution’s Extreme Championship against Chaky and Chancho Felipe. He will be staying in Chile for 2 weeks, and then he’ll return to Perú for the opening day of the Danzak Lucha Dojo.

Get well soon, Bad Influencer! Billy Rocka, Impacto Iquique’s Champion and member of the stable Mala Influencia, suffered a muscle sprain, which will keep him away from the wrestling scene for an undefined time.

One more year. 5 Luchas and Peruvian Clothing brand BOMBA worked together again, for the launch of a commemorative hoodie, celebrating the promotion’s 2nd anniversary.

To Supremacía! Guanchulo will be back on Acción Sin Límites for their show Supremacía 9, where he’ll face Diego Gárate, one of ASL’s most valued wrestlers.

Thank You Ariki! After 12 years of career, Chilean wrestler Ariki Toa retired this weekend in a match againt Owen, at Xplosion Lucha Libre’s ninth anniversary show.

New shows in South America:

We have a list of this week’s South America shows here.

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