And now it’s official.

After many weeks—even months—of rumors, WWE presented its newest Performance Center class and after months of speculation in South America, it finally became official: Jessy, The Ring Diva, had signed with world’s biggest wrestling company. The chosen ones who accompany the Chilean wrestler in this class are Austin Theory, Santana Garrett, Tehuti Miles, LX Ken (Aleksandar Jaksic), EJ Nduka, Briana Brandy, Rita Reis and Marcos Gomes.

With this contract, Jessy makes history in Chile, by being the first Chilean wrestler to be included in WWE’s Performance Center. WWE is not a total stranger to Chilean talent. In 2016, Alejandro “XL” Sáez wrestled in the (for now) the only edition of the Cruiserweight Classic and Zatara competed in the second Mae Young Classic in 2018.

Jessy started her career at Chilean promotion Revolución Lucha Libre in 2015. Since then she worked to make a name for herself in the Chilean wrestling scene, with the important highlight of being RLL’s Women Champion twice. To the end of 2018, she became a free agent, which let her travel across the national circuit and become a frequent member of 5 Luchas Clandestino’s weekly shows. She was called to be part of WWE’s Latin American Tryout, which took place December 3-5, 2019 in Santiago de Chile. It’s there where the first contact was established.

La Bóveda Secreta (translated to The Secret Vault) is the name of the home of the promotion 5 Luchas Clandestino and Guanchulo’s wrestling academy called Yeyos Dojo. This renowned wrestling venue would be the place where Jessy wrestled her two last most meaningful matches in Chile:

  • Against Zatara, on the main event of 5Luchas Clandestino’s June 14th show:

  • And in the main event on June 28th, aside Alejandro “XL” Sáez and Guanchulo (her actual masters) against Coyote, Funky Schop and Valkiria (with whom she started at Revolución Lucha Libre).

In South America, we celebrate this goal and congratulate Jessy, totally sure that this will be the first of many big moments for her in America and WWE. South American talent keeps shining out there and grabbing everyone’s attention to this part of the continent.

Reclaim YOUR ring, Diva!