We continue with more news about the South American wrestling scene! On the cover: Chilean Wrestler Red Quinzel, by Seba Pérez Fotos.



Strong reply. The Ecuatorian wrestler Pardo (who is traveling right now to Perú, for the 8th show of Gladiadores) didn’t keep calm about El Virrey’s words, so he clarified who’s really more experienced in pro wrestling.

El Último Gladiador speaks. The winner of El Último Gladiador Tournament, Jhoan Stambuk, will have his third encounter against Axl this Saturday, which could settle their feud. Axl’s been bragging about defeating every member of the stable This is Lucha(Reptil, Mansilla, El Virrey and Stambuk), so Jhoan remembered him how did he got those wins and promised that won’t happen again.

El future is clear. Zero, the man who can see the future, will join forces with Alissa Webb and Franco Azurín to face Ian Muhlig, Infest and Cava this Saturday on Gladiadores. But despite Muhlig’s clues about preparing something big for this match, Zero is confident and knows (thanks to his Millenial Eye precognition powers) that he and his team (The Future Team) will win the match. On the other hand, Ian Muhlig is sure that this bout it’s only a warmup. He is, in fact, preparing some ambitious move and it’s supported by Infest and Cava, as long as there’s some money involved.

Don’t stop me now. Infest, The wrestler who ensures that Pain is his business will have another match the night after. He will be facing ROW International Champion, Dr. Veneno, for his belt at Alpha Wrestling Club’s show called Lucha Brava.

A new wrestling school in the works? That could be the next Gladiadores’ project, as seen on some teasers in social media.

The road to the belt it’s on! The USA-based Peruvian wrestler Eddie Blas will face Rico Diamanté at the Warehouse Wars Championship Tournaments. They will be competing at the 4th match of the first round, on August 23rd.


The Dammed of the ring in México. Chilean wrestler Red Quinzel will also be competing on México’s Arena Cuautitlán (as well as Tyra Fly) in promotion IzcaProm, and confirmed her visit to aztec lands will be on November.

Aaaand new! Diego Gárate became Legion Lucha Libre’s new Latin American Champion, after winning on former champ Victor Motta’s open challenge. At the same event (Batalla de Legionarios), Jin Kyle and Zack Over became the new International Tag Team Champions after defeating Alex Prince and Fred Johnson. Also, Owen adds another victory on his winning streak as he won the 33-Legionaries Battle Royal, which gives him the chance to challenge Legion’s Maximum Champion at the show Consagración.

Confirmed comeback. The sandwich-themed promotion Sándwiches y Lucha will be back on August 25th, but this time on a new home, because they will be set on NGEN Lucha Libre’s facilities.

Sleazy rematch. Here is last Friday’s full show of 5 Luchas Clandestino, were the rematch between Sexualizer and Black Cambodian Warrior took place.

2! 2! 2! This weekend will be 5 Luchas Clandestino’s 2nd anniversary, and they will be hosting 2 consecutive shows: on Friday they will be celebrating their 24 months-existence and on Saturday they will host the beneficial show Firelord II, to support Azagoth’s recovery.


  • Jach’a Uru receives new stars. Lucha Libre con Altura will be hosting one of their classic and most important shows, called Jach’a Uru, and for this ocassion, they will be receiving, after 8 years, Chilean wrestler Agressor’s visit. But there’s more because Chilean wrestler Nikki (also from MAX Lucha Libre) will have her first match in Bolivia in this show.

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