Now that the field for this year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles has been announced, I have done some research into the and put together some pretty cool stats. Part two of my preview will be an in-depth breakdown of every first-round match. This article is strictly about the numbers.

The Field

  • A-Kid: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Jonathan Gresham: 1st BOLA
  • Artemis Spencer: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Darby Allin: 2nd BOLA
  • Mick Moretti: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Orange Cassidy: 1st BOLA
  • Bandido: 2nd BOLA
  • Caveman Ugg: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Jake Atlas: 1st BOLA
  • Tony Deppen: 1st BOLA
  • Rey Fénix: 4th BOLA
  • Lucky Kid: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Joey Janela: 3rd BOLA
  • Brody King: 2nd BOLA
  • Bárbaro Cavernario: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Jungle Boy: 1st BOLA
  • Black Taurus: 1st BOLA
  • Rey Horus: 3rd BOLA
  • David Starr: 2nd BOLA
  • Laredo Kid: 1st BOLA
  • Jeff Cobb: 4th BOLA
  • Dragon Lee: 1st BOLA, PWG debut
  • Pentagon Jr.: 4th BOLA
  • Daisuke Sekimoto: 1st BOLA, PWG debut

Facts & Figures

There are only seven returning entrants from last year’s tournament (Darby, Bandido, Janela, Brody King, Rey Horus, David Starr, Jeff Cobb).

There are seven countries from four continents represented in this year’s field. This is the 2nd year and 2nd consecutive that four continents are represented.

Jeff Cobb is the only entrant who has won the Battle of Los Angeles.

Cobb is also the only entrant who has held the PWG World Championship (which he currently holds). Bandido is the only other wrestler to have made the finals (2018), Pentagon and Fenix are the only other wrestlers to have held PWG gold, as they are former tag team champions.

Cobb has the longest-running streak of years entered into BOLA with four. Rey Horus and Joey Janela are second with three consecutive appearances.

There are 15 first time entrants, the most since 2006, which had 17. The only other year to top 2019 is 2005 which had 16 (the entire field since it was the first BOLA).

There are eight PWG debuts in this year’s field, which ties with 2017 for the 2nd most debuts in a Battle of Los Angeles. 2015 holds the record, with nine debuts.

This is the 2nd consecutive year (and 2nd overall) that over half the field is made up of non-US talent.

With eight entrants (1/3 of the field), Mexico has the highest representation of any non-US country in a single BOLA. The previous record was held by England in 2016 with five (there were seven European wrestlers combined that year).

This is the first year since 2013 without any UK wrestlers, however, this is the first year that Spain and Germany are represented.

This is the 3rd consecutive year with Australian talent, with first-time entrants all three years.

With three entrants, this is the highest number of Southern California based talent in BOLA since 2012 which had 4.