Insane Championship Wrestling
Shug’s Hoose Party 6 – Night 2
July 28, 2019
O2 Academy Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) returned to Glasgow’s O2 Academy for the second night of their annual summer special Shug’s Hoose Party (night one review can be read here), headlined by Wolfgang against a mystery opponent for the vacant ICW World Heavyweight title.

Alexander Dean def. Ricky Knight Jr

This match was a little more 50/50 than I had anticipated but it was a fun contest and a good way to open the show. Knight came out hot and look to maximize his advantages in terms of speed and athleticism, whilst Dean attempted to work a more methodical pace and utilize his power. Dean picked up his first win in the promotion with a roll-up whilst the tights were hooked, a finish I don’t necessarily agree with but one that got Dean over as an opportunist and kept the young Knight strong. **3/4

Ravie Davie def. The Sam Barbour Experience

It was good to see Sam Barbour get another shot in ICW, but this match wasn’t anything particularly special. There was some of everything – grappling, walk and brawl, foreign objects – but all of it felt like it was being done in slow motion. Barbour channeled a bit of Hulk Hogan for a big leg drop and a near fall but Davie picked the win soon after with a curb stomp after some shenanigans on the outside. **1/4

Leyton Buzzard def. James Storm

Weekends like this offer promotions the opportunity to really strap a rocket to someone’s back and whilst I don’t necessarily agree with everything ICW did here, they did a damn good job of trying to give Buzzard a big push.

Storm had been set to face Grado but the Scot appeared to have a genuine knee issue and the match didn’t go ahead. That led Storm to cut a promo criticizing Scotland, ICW and Mark Dallas, which led the aforementioned promotion owner to bring out young Buzzard for a match with Storm. For the second night in a row, Buzzard brought energy and intensity to a match with someone whose matches are often lacking in both of those departments. The youngster hit a big moonsault off the bar and nailed a big Diamond Cutter for a nearfall but looked poised for defeat when Storm hit two superkicks before going outside to retrieve a weapon. That brought Grado back out and after he laid Storm out with the bionic elbow and a cannonball in the corner, Buzzard hit a 450 to pick up the big win. ***

Buzzard was certainly more exposed in this match than he was in the one with Hendry, his strikes in particular looking weak, but he worked hard and showed potential again. Although I wouldn’t have gone in for the Grado stuff, it made sense as it gave Buzzard some of the Grado rub, which is still somewhat of a thing, and it stopped Storm, who still holds a belt with the NWA, from having to lose clean.

TLC match for the ICW Tag Team Championships
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (C) def. The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) and Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm

Not of all what these six men attempted in this match worked, but they tried something different and delivered a relatively entertaining TLC match.

Divers hitting a German suplex on Faith through an oncoming ladder was a highlight, as was Morris nailing a shooting star press off a ladder on the outside through a table, but the best spot of the match came when Storm launched Fleisch from the top rope into a moonsault through Girvan, who was laid prone on a table in the middle of the ring. However, for all those big moments there also seemed to be a lot of dead time, as there often is in matches like this, and the ladders appeared to be made of Styrofoam, with one collapsing whilst Girvan and Morris were trying to climb it. The finish came when Faith came up behind Morris and Girvan on one of the remaining ladders to grab both belts and help the Kings retain their titles. **3/4

Last Man Standing
BT Gunn def. Kez Evans

Much like in the previous contest, the work in this match was good but it felt somewhat disjointed and lacked the sort of flow necessary to take it to the next level.

Gunn returned to his old Oddity gimmick for this match, opening up with a bevy of strikes before Evans took control during the crowd brawling segment, powerslamming Gunn off the railings through a table. Once back in the ring Evans teased taking Gunn’s eye out with a screwdriver and appeared set to win after hitting three Gotch piledrivers, the last of which was onto a chair. However, the youngster’s hubris cost him, as his mocking of Gunn led his former mentor to fire up, land a low blow, a pop-up knee, superkick and Technodrome DDT. He then hit Evans with two chain-wrapped punches to get the ten count and the win.

It wasn’t a superb contest but it was good for what it was and it ends the feud well, presumably setting up Gunn for bigger things with Bad Company in the remainder of the year. **3/4

NXT UK Women’s Championship
Toni Storm (C) def. Viper

It was slightly odd to see Viper working from underneath in this one but it made sense with Storm the visiting champion and Viper always likely to have the crowd firmly on her side. Storm had the advantages in the early grappling exchanges, with the former ICW women’s champion attempting to utilize her size and power to gain an advantage. Storm hit a piledriver in the ring and one on the apron for a nearfall, only for Viper to respond with a powerful Viper Driver for two. The challenger went for another, only for Storm to reverse and hit a third piledriver to retain.

The match was perfectly solid but it was very much ‘playing the hits’ and it was ultimately hurt by the fact it never felt like Viper had a shot at winning. ***

The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) def. The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

A particular highlight of this match was Billy Kirkwood, who didn’t have the best weekend on comms, referring to Los Federales as a ‘Fisher Price Activity Gimp’ near the start of the match, which started under tornado rules and never really settled into a traditional tag match. The Anti-Fun Police dominated the early going, cutting off any attempt Jester or Samuels made to comeback, and after hitting a variation of the Midnight Hour for a two-count, began to mock and taunt the Kinky Party with chair shots and Dunne’s loudhailer. It appeared as though Jester & Samuels would go down like Thelma & Louise at the end when their hug was sandwich by chair shots but the former tag champs fired back, laying in a load of strikes before hitting the spike piledriver on Dunne for the win.

The finish seemed abrupt, and this felt like the right moment to split up the Kinky Party, but they will stay together for now after winning a match that probably worked better for the live crowd than it did on VOD. ***

Vacant ICW World Championship
Stevie Boy def. Wolfgang

Stevie Boy’s return to ICW, a year after losing his ICW World title, felt like a huge moment and the match that followed for the vacant belt more than delivered, ending up as one of the best singles bouts in the company this year.

Things started off slowly, with Wolfgang working over Stevie Boy’s right arm before turning his attention to Stevie’s surgically repaired knee, hitting a vicious chop block as the leader of the Filthy Generation went for a springboard. From there they told the story of Stevie Boy not only being rusty but still perhaps not 100% recovered from his knee injury, with Wolfgang cerebrally attempting to wear him down. He attacked Stevie Boy with powerslams on the apron, only for the former champion to reply with a spike poison rana and a Glasgow Destroyer for a nearfall.

Those moves appeared to give Stevie Boy a confidence boost, but Wolfgang got the knees up on his split-legged moonsault attempt and nailed a spear, a gutwrench suplex and his patented swanton splash for another nearfall. Somehow, someway, Stevie Boy found a way back though, hitting a satellite DDT, rolling through for a release suplex and then landing a vicious shining wizard to the back of Wolfgang’s head to win the belt for a second time.

The match was worked sensibly with a good story, responding to a hot crowd and delivering the best World title match in ICW for some time. This was a proper main event and now Stevie Boy has a second chance at having a big run with this world title. ***3/4

Final Thoughts

Whilst this wasn’t a blow-away show or anything like that, it was a solid one and one that was free from the usual overbooking and shenanigans that often drag ICW down. Most matches had logical and clean finishes, with nothing that could be described as bad, and the show ended with one of the best matches in the company this year and a big moment with Stevie Boy returning and winning the World title once again.

ICW created a star in Leyton Buzzard this weekend and certainly have options with Stevie Boy as World Champion, but as always much depends on how they book things moving forward and how things change with them potentially moving onto the WWE Network without the ability to use NXT UK talent on video.