This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s our big giant G1 Climax catch-up special as we head into the home stretch of wrestling’s biggest tournament! John is joined by returning guest Hannah to talk about SEVEN NIGHTS of G1 action from New Japan, covering Nights 8 through 14. We’re making up for one week off as we cover a ton of matches, everything from stuff we absolutely adored (including one FULL FIVE and two that were damn close) but also some of the weakest nights of the tournament. Hear our thoughts on everything and everyone in this tournament, as we discuss everything from why Jay White hasn’t had a great run this year, why Jeff Cobb has also been pretty disappointing, why Jon Moxley has been so great, why Taichi is #actuallygood, and why all the usual suspects have absolutely killed it for the most part. Once we’re finally done with all of that we wrap things up with a look ahead to the final four nights of block action, picking a most anticipated match for each one. A fun time this week breaking down all things Grade One Climax!

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