Did you know you it’s possible to bet on WWE matches, tournaments, and championships?

You can! And we were just as surprised as you to find out some sportsbooks are taking bets on pro wrestling’s biggest franchise. 

Of course, considering Vince McMahon and his antics, maybe this development shouldn’t come as a real shocker. 

If you’re the least bit curious about WWE betting–and really, how can you not be?–here’s the lowdown on how it works. 

Dealing With the ‘Fake’ Factor

Spoiler alert! WWE is staged entertainment, the matches are scripted. Winners and losers are chosen ahead of time. The heroes, villains, and sensational storylines are written with the same care as a soap opera. You know this. We’re not blowing any minds with this information. 

So, how can betting possibly be allowed on events with predetermined outcomes?

Very few individuals deep inside the WWE organization know how a match, event, or season is going to play out before it happens. These folks are contractually sworn to secrecy and never spill the beans. In fact, the WWE might be the tightest-lipped organization in the world!

Some sportsbooks are comfortable with this “secret society” scenario and offer action on WWE contests to the unknowing public.

Why is WWE a Good Bet?

Sportsbooks aren’t pouring a ton of resources into setting their WWE odds because the market is so small compared to other sports like football, baseball, and basketball. This means the odds can be inaccurate and a great value for bettors who make the right calls. 

Don’t worry. You’re not taking advantage of anyone by betting on WWE. Sportsbooks realize their inadequacies when setting WWE odds. To compensate, they limit bet and payout amounts. But the payout amounts remain pretty good for most recreational bettors.  

Of course, you want to work with a reputable online sportsbook when you bet on WWE. The site you choose should offer security and privacy measures. 

Some sportsbooks even offer free bonus bets, which gives you great value for your money; you can review them at the Oddschecker list of betting sites with attractive bonus bets and other player incentives.

What Kinds of WWE Bets Are There?

WWE bets are pretty basic and come in two flavors: straight and prop. 

Straight bets are placed on one wrestler to win a match, tournament, or championship. You simply pick a wrestler, place the bet, and watch as the show unfolds. 

A prop bet is a wager placed on something happening or not happening that does not affect the outcome of a match. 

Prop bets include:

  • Appearances: bets on whether a certain figure or type of figure will show up unannounced. This could be a celebrity, retired wrestler, or female competitor during a male match.
  • Longest Ring Time: bets on which wrestler in a match will spend the longest time in the ring during an event.
  • Most Eliminations: reserved for Royal Rumble format matches, this is a bet on which wrestler will eliminate the most competitors. The winner of this bet is not necessarily the event winner. 

Photo by Erin Khoo / CC BY 2.0

Does WWE Betting Require Any Skill?

This may sound counterintuitive, but yes, you can develop skills. Sharpening your WWE betting is just a little unorthodox.

Sports betting requires making decisions based on historical and current performance data. And with most sports, predictions are made in the context of teams and players. 

WWE is different. Here, the writers control the show. 

Instead of analyzing individual wrestlers, their records, how they fare against certain opponents, etc., your focus should be on patterns in the ongoing WWE storyline.

Writers routinely rely on similar styles, trends, and themes in their works. Figuring out how to spot these tendencies in the WWE will give you an upper hand when predicting outcomes. 

At the end of the day, WWE betting is fun and provides some great value opportunities compared to other sports. We expect an increasing number of online sportsbooks to get in on pro wrestling.

So, are you ready to rumble by plunking down a few bucks on an upcoming match?