All Elite Wrestling’s second event, Fyter Fest, takes place this Saturday night and will be the company’s first mid-level event. With Fyter Fest being absolutely FREE, this will obviously be a great opportunity to showcase their product to a larger audience. The momentum AEW had following Double or Nothing has led into a card that, on paper, has the potential to be even better.

From top to bottom, Fyter Fest features intriguing matchups that will have a bearing on AEW in the coming months. As we’ve been told, wins and losses will matter in AEW so each result has significant. This is quite refreshing coming off RAW, where Samoa Joe gets awarded a WWE title shot after losing the US title the night before. Knowing that finishes will actually matter is definitely worth the three-hour investment.

Fyter Fest doesn’t lack in the star power department either.

The hottest free agent signing within recent memory is also making his in-ring debut for AEW as current IWGP United States Champion, Jon Moxley (f.k.a. Dean Ambrose) is taking on Joey Janela. Having Moxley wrestle on a show for free is great exposure for the company and offers an opportunity for those who didn’t subscribe to NJPW World to grab the more English-friendly B/R Live and see the former WWE star.

Another match that really has my attention is Cody versus Darby Allin. This match is the story of two complete opposites. To get an idea of what’s to be expected in this match, I highly recommend watching Allin’s promo video on the recent episode of Road to Fyter Fest. Allin is someone that most casual fans haven’t heard of, but after this match, the secret of Darby Allin will be out. His work in EVOLV over the past few years has been great, even with the recent staleness of EVOLV’s product. Cody is coming off a classic 80s style match with his brother, Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing and this is a real test for Cody as Allin works a completely different style. If Cody has his working boots on and their styles mesh well together, it should be a fantastic match.

At Fyter Fest, the women’s talent has a larger opportunity to shine than they did at Double or Nothing. Standouts Yuka Sakazaki, Riho as well as Nyla Rose will face off in a three-way match. On the negative side, I hope we will see more one-on-one matches with the women’s division in the future as these multi-person matches can get overwhelming at times. But regardless, this match will give us a better understanding of where Riho and Sakazaki will stand in AEW. Both Sakazaki and Riho are great wrestlers with charisma and I believe Riho has the potential to be the ace of this division.

After Double or Nothing, I had seen enough of The Young Bucks versus The Lucha Brothers. I never wanted to see it again. Every time they wrestled it was the same cool high spots with very few variations and it became tiring like the match had been done thousands of times in numerous promotions across the world. Well, I’m going back on my initial statement because with the addition of Kenny Omega and Laredo Kid, the Fyter Fest main event automatically becomes the most intriguing match on the card. Laredo Kid has been lighting it up in AAA recently and we all know Omega is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Six-man matches really aren’t ideal, but with all the talent in the ring, this will be a classic.

Obviously, AEW is still in its infancy as a company, as this is only their second show. But on paper from top to bottom this card looks way better from an in-ring perspective than Double or Nothing. Also, there are bigger implications on this show than Double or Nothing. There are singles matches with top stars and as stated previously, wins and losses will matter. On the main card, there are only three singles matches, but at least we know there won’t be any shenanigans with these finishes. AEW has the opportunity to deliver a memorable show in front of an audience much larger than their previous show. And I believe this is the perfect card to hook new fans on AEW’s product.