Brock Lesnar has done it again, with very little effort on his part. He has ‘earned’ himself a title shot by winning Money in the Bank (on his own terms). Now, he is expected to relieve Seth Rollins of the Universal Title at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, after which he will probably disappear under the radar until the next major PPV event, SummerSlam. Fans are left wondering, what is the point? 

Lesnar ‘Earns’ Himself A Title Shot

The wrestling world hasn’t seen much of Lesnar since Wrestlemania 34, when he lost the Universal title to Seth Rollins. We knew he was on the bill for Super Showdown, but apart from that, it’s unclear as to where Lesnar belongs, or how long he will continue to fight in any sport. 

Brock has been in and out of informal retirement for a while now. He’s had severe complications with an intestinal problem, and after a beating from Alistair Overeem in 2011 Brock was out of the UFC octagon for a long time. 

His long term commitment to the WWE is also more than doubtful. Lesnar appears in short bursts, a crowd-booster reserved for massive moments, who seems to play as little part in the shows as possible. Fans and wrestlers alike became annoyed at this situation when Brock was champion, as he only defended his belt at the major events. In fact, Brock hasn’t had a televised WWE match since 2004. 

Nothing quite captures the situation with Lesnar as ironically, yet truthfully, as Money in the Bank. The men’s ladder match was an epic display of talent and commitment, a jam-packed brawl full of crazy moments, with wrestlers launching themselves and each other through ladders and tables in brutal fashion. Shame about the ending… Lesnar walks out and literally steals the show, grinning as he shoves Ali off the ladder, climbs up and claims his prize. 

Lesnar Cashing In Prize?

The prize for winning Money in the Bank is, of course, a shot at the world title. It can be any world title, and the opportunity can be taken at any place, any time within the next 12 months.

 Previously on RAW, Lesnar, and Heyman said they would cash in the contract but then didn’t, as Brock apparently didn’t know about the 12-month rule. After stern words from Stephanie McMahon, Heyman announced that Lesnar would be cashing in on this week’s RAW on 4th June. Of course, it didn’t happen again.

 Instead, fans were ‘treated’ to Lesnar running out to deliver a beat down to an already wounded Rollins. Brock could have cashed in the contract right then on RAW, but after hospitalizing Rollins he decided not to, instead shouting to Heyman that he would cash in at Super Showdown. Not too much surprise there then.

Photo by Megan Elice Meadows // CC BY-SA 2.0
Lesnar typically only makes an appearance for big PPV matches

 Is The Situation Becoming A Joke?

 Lesnar was a star in the UFC, and has huge entertainment and celebrity value, despite being practically useless on the mic and rarely making appearances in actual matches as a wrestler.

 Yet the situation is becoming nothing short of a joke. All of the participants in the Money in the Bank ladder match were dedicated. They fought hard, they took beats and bruises, they battered each other to oblivion, only for Lesnar to walk out and claim the prize. 

Brock’s contracts with the WWE are notoriously short, and his terms lenient. It’s not a treatment that everyone gets, and not necessarily one that Lesnar deserves. This storyline between Lesnar and Rollins makes little sense. Rollins already has beef with Baron Corbin, and the two were set for a match at Super Showdown. If Lesnar takes the title on the night, fans must once again settle in for a period of infrequent title defenses from the world’s most dangerous part-time wrestler. 

WWE has been getting into the habit of letting fans down. Between April 2018 and April 2019, the company only delivered on 95/237 scheduled matches on RAW and Smackdown. That means that 60% of announced match-ups were brushed under the table. 

The same has happened with Brock and Heyman’s announcements that they will cash in the Money in the Bank contract. False promises to try to drag the show’s ratings up from close to their lowest of all time. Chances are Brock will become Universal Champion at Super Showdown. Would he have it any other way? What then WWE? What exciting twists and turns will you throw at us next? Perhaps Brock could retire with the belt and just finish the job?