NXT TakeOver XXV
June 1, 2019
Webster Bank Arena
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Watch: WWE Network

Meet our previewer

Steve Case: This is the weirdest Takeover of all time. That said, Takeover is still the surest thing in wrestling so I’m sure this will keep the trend going strong. This night really feels like it could be all about The Undisputed Era. Either strengthening the group, or continuing to splinter. Either way, I’ll be pumped to watch! Follow me @Coachcase44. Apparently, I have a low follower count and that carries a negative connotation? 2019 everybody….

Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong

his has all the makings of a hard-hitting technical clinic. Roddy still has the ability to put on great matches when given the chance and Riddle has been really coming into his own on NXT. His match with Dream at TakeOver: New York and the TV match he had with Cole recently were both outstanding. He’s starting to show that killer ferocity he had on the indies which is really exciting moving forward. Roddy had been on the outs with Cole and the UE, but laid Riddle out to show loyalty, leading us to this. I still have suspicions that story isn’t over quite yet and that all isn’t as well as it seems in the UE. Riddle needs to be thrust to the top sooner rather than later, so I don’t see him taking a loss here. Prediction: Matt Riddle

NXT North American Championship
Velveteen Dream © vs. Tyler Breeze

People forget (or judging by the pop he got on TV, maybe they don’t) how good Breeze was on NXT. This guy was an integral part of a great Fatal 4-Way match at one of the first TakeOvers (aptly named Fatal 4-Way). He was also the guy who WRESTLED JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER IN NXT. Breeze can go, and I expect him to turn back the clock and turn in a great performance here. That said, this is the Dream’s show. Unless he’s getting put in the NXT title picture right away or getting (gulp) called up, I don’t see any way he loses here. The character work and psychology should be great in this, as Dream excels in these areas well beyond his years. Breeze will push Dream, but won’t be able to steal his spotlight. Prediction: Velveteen Dream

NXT Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match
Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs. The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) vs. The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler)

As I said in my bio, it really feels like this could be a night where the Undisputed Era finally ascends to the top with all the gold. You could still see that here. Fish and O’Reilly are SO GOOD together and there’s a ton of fresh matchups for them, specifically a feud with the Street Profits. But the crowd wants the Street Profits to finally get their moment so bad. It should have happened on NXT a couple of weeks ago against the War Raid…ahem…Viking Exper..cough…Viking Raiders. That Full Sail crowd was about to come unglued, and that’s honestly where their win SHOULD happen. I don’t think they would get the same reaction outside the Full Sail faithful crowd. This will be a wild brawl and produce another classic in the Takeover tag match pantheon. I see the UE standing tall at the end, but the Profits are clearly next. Prediction: Undisputed Era

NXT Women’s Championship
Shayna Baszler © vs. Io Shirai

I feel like Io really won over the crowd after she destroyed the Horsewomen last week with the kendo stick. All she needed was a final sandman hold the stick up in the air and I would have lost my mind. WIth Kairi gone and Candice seemingly there to hold off Duke and Bashir, I feel like it’s Io’s time. I’m not sure where Shayna goes from here win or lose. I still don’t think they are ready to call the Horsewomen up, and they shouldn’t because Duke and Bashir aren’t ready. Though that hasn’t stopped them before. Shayna could stay and have a feud with Candice to elevate her, but t doesn’t feel right. To me, all signs point to Io here. I’ll be curious to see if she has the kind of in-ring chemistry that Kairi did with Shayna. Prediction: Io Shirai

NXT Championship
Johnny Gargano © vs. Adam Cole

I wasn’t nearly as over the moon for their ⅔ falls match as most. It was great (think I went ****½), but not the greatest WWE match of all time as some have called it. I think this actually has a chance to be better, without the stipulation. I could see this going either way, but I will stick to my theme here about the Undisputed Era for a few reasons. Yes, having Johnny lose so soon might not feel quite right. He could have a ton of great matches with a lot of new opponents. He is also one of those guys where the chase is better than the catch. NXT is also so devoid of top heels right now though. Cole has lost so many high profile matches over the last year or so. He’s positioned as a mega heel leader, but how many more big losses can he take before people look at him as a joke? He wins here, they can keep the story of Roddy being the weak link and boot him, giving him a solid first feud. He has issues with Riddle. They can go back to Gargano for the tie-breaker match down the road after Johnny hopefully would get some needed time off to heal up. I like the directions they could go with Cole and the story makes a lot more sense that way. Prediction: Adam Cole