This week on Wrestling Omakase John is joined by longtime returning guest Taylor Maimbourg to talk both men’s and women’s Japanese wrestling!

First we talk New Japan’s two Wrestling Dontaku shows (Friday 5/3 & Saturday 5/4) as we break them down match-by-match, talk some big debuts and future teases, and discuss where it looks like things are going for Best of the Super Juniors and Dominion. Then we turn our attention to joshi to talk a trio of shows, beginning with STARDOM’s Cinderella Tournament from Korakuen Hall! This also includes a discussion of the recent Western fan controversy involving inappropriate fan behavior (at this show as well as some others). We then turn our attention to Sendai Girls’ 4/16 Korakuen (that just made tape last week), an incredible show that includes a match both John and Taylor agree gets the full five stars! Our last review is of Tokyo Joshi Pro’s 5/3 Korakuen, including a big title change, another great tag title match and more! Finally we wrap things up with a packed mailbag tackling your questions on whether the Jericho announcement means anything for NJPW’s future US relationships, who the best theoretical carpenter on the NJPW roster is, John’s choices for Taichi’s possible G1 opponents, guesses on who might win BOSJ, best possible picks for Maki Itoh to face overseas, whether there’s been too many debuts in NJPW lately and more! A packed show!

**Please note that John makes a comment during this episode implying Tanahashi’s injury may have been less than legit because he seems to take time off around this time every year; this was before they say the picture of his giant surgery scar going around and they now feel very stupid.

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