Welcome to Episode 15 of Everything Elite! This week, AB, Nate and Mike are back to talk about the news this week in All Elite Wrestling and the Elite Extended Universe. This week, EE covers the latest news in Cody vs Dustin being official, some OWE announcements, an interesting interview with Tony Khan and independent contractor status in wrestling, and talk about the DoN weekend festivities. That all, plus the weekly recap of Road to Double or Nothing and the latest Being the Elite. Is BlueChew the hidden sponsor of AEW? Will Aaron and Mike ever agree about the Stardom Draft? All that and more on another fun episode of Everything Elite!

Credit to Nuclear Convoy (@nuclearconvoy) for their excellent OWE and Chinese wrestling news update: https://nuclearconvoydotcom.wordpress.com/2019/04/23/the-absolute-latest-news-on-the-owe-aew-partnership-cimas-status-confirmed-scu-in-shanghai/

Chris Van Vliet’s interview with Tony Khan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i2cOgmRyuQ

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