AJPW Champion Carnival 2019 – Night 13
April 21, 2019
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Hotel Emisia Sapporo

Watch: AJPW.TV

B Block
Yoshitatsu [8] def. Joel Redman [6]

To me, Joel Redman had a rough start in the tournament with stinkers against Jake Lee and Daichi Hashimoto. But he is starting to win me around now and he has started to get over with crowds as well. Yoshitatsu meanwhile remains as inconsistent as ever with both and good performances so far. This match was on the higher end for both men as it ended being very enjoyable.

They told a basic but effective story with Redman working over Yoshitatsu’s leg. They do some nice transitions on the mat, before Redman tries to tap out Tatsu. But Yoshitatsu manages to get to the ropes every single time before doing a comeback and getting the tap out victory himself. A very solid and enjoyable match.

B Block
Joe Doering [6] def. Daichi Hashimoto [6]

Daichi has been the worst part of this tournament so far. His screams are just incredibly annoying and his matches tend to underdeliver. I had high hopes for him coming in, but he has just disappointed me at every turn. He and Doering are mainly working rest holds here, which is just very uninteresting. In the end, Doering gets the win in a quick nothing match.

A Block
Yuji Okabayashi [7] def Zeus [8]

This match was chops, chops and then some more chops and it was awesome. Two big boys just beating the shit out of each other. Yuji Okabayashi has been the MVP of the tournament so far and had an amazing match with Dylan James of people the night before.

Neither man was willing to back down and show any weakness and they just went all out for the entire match. There was rarely a quiet moment as they just kept on throwing bombs at each other. These two are the epitome of fire, which is something this tournament needs. One of the best matches of the tournament so far and I hope we see a rematch between these two at some point this year.

B Block
Suwama [8] def. Jake Lee [6]

Jake Lee entered the tournament as the odds-on favorite to win it, but his booking so far hasn’t really made it seem like that is the plan. His output likewise has been a bit uneven as well, when this was supposed to be his big breakout chance.

With that said this match certainly delivered on a very high level. It was not worked at the same relentless pace as the previous match, but they kept up a good pace throughout and told a nice story. Jake played the cocky up and comer to Suwama’s grumpy veteran. They managed to make Jake look like he is Suwama’s equal, which makes Suwamas win just a bit more surprising.

While the previous match was just a firework of offense, this match was more of a war of attrition, with each man trying to grind the other down. But in All Japan, there is no one better at grinding people down than Suwama and thus Jake lost because he faced his opponent on his chosen field of battle. I am not so certain anymore that Jake is going to win the tournament and it will be interesting to see where he goes from there.

Final Thoughts

Most of the tournament matches delivered on this night. You can safely skip Doering vs Daichi though. Yoshitatsu vs Redman was enjoyable for what it was. Okabayashi vs Zeus is the clear match of the night and one of the best CC matches so far. Lee vs Suwama delivered as well on a very high level. This was one of the better nights of the CC so far.