MurderMania is a two-night underground deathmatch show from the mind of Casanova Valentine. With a lot of shows going on WrestleMania weekend, this is a unique take on wrestling that you cannot get most places.

It’s a simple concept that is hard to put into words, but you have to see it at least once: No Rules, No Ring Death Match in a small bar. I’ve been to a few of these in Orlando (under the No Peace Underground Banner) and each one just seems to get a bit wilder. I’m unfamiliar with the bands playing but the normal structure is the bands play first then the matches happen.


Tight Fright

Nowhere NYC

Special Guest Referees

Blvd Bullies

MurderMania Night 1
April 3
10:30 PM
Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn
Cover: $15

The Gymnasty Boys(White Mike and Timmy Lou Retton) vs The Ugly Ducklings(Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy w/Coach Mikey)

These are two teams who are very familiar with each other up and down the east coast. These two have a long-standing feud in Fest Wrestling where every match has turned into an absolute brawl around the venue. What makes this one unique is the comedy angle that White Mike adds in. It’s never over the top but the timing of his jokes can put an entire crowd into hysterics right before he does a crazy high spot. Ugly Ducklings recently wrestled for GCW as well as The Gymnasty Boys have been slowly becoming CZW regulars. These are two teams really looking to show out and should be a hot opener.

Ophidian The Cobra vs Joe Gacy

Ophidian has been around for what seems like forever and rarely has a match that doesn’t have at least one memorable spot. Joe Gacy was a CZW regular who has recently branched out to Evolve and GCW. Gacy has been impressing outside of CZW and this should be no different. These are two solid wrestlers who should put on an entertaining show.

FMW Leather/Chainsaw Tony vs Casanova Valentine

FMW Leather is honestly a bit of a mystery for me. I will be completely honest with FMW not being a strong suit of my knowledge and there is a not a lot to find on him. All I could find was a recent match with H20 Wrestling (Matt Tremont’s Promotion) and a YouTube video of him taking explosions in Japan. Casanova is a wrestler who bet on himself and it’s hard to think it hasn’t paid off for him. He’s currently touring the country (and recently the UK) with this idea of a no ring deathmatch. This match will be bloody, with a lot of glass flying everywhere and of course Casanova’s favorite The Garden Weasel. This is the type of match that on film won’t translate well, but you just have to see something like this live. It’s pure madness.

While these can be overlooked as just crazy blood matches, I think what sets this apart is the fact that Casanova is really an artist. These shows feel very special, from the hand-drawn artwork, to the fact he’ll walk around interacting with fans. There is an obvious love from him that comes through on these shows. If you’re already in NY, I think these are well worth your time. You get a good mix of high flying, brawls, laughs and a spectacle you’ll remember.


MurderMania Night 2
April 4
10:30 PM
Our Wicked Lady (153 Morgan Ave), Brooklyn
Cover: $15

Air Wolf vs Pinkie Sanchez vs Atomic Thunderfrog vs Arik Cannon

This match should be a crazy scramble that will go all over Our Wicked Lady. Air Wolf is a young Midwest wrestler who is impressing everywhere he goes. Pinkie Sanchez is another high flyer from the northeast. Atomic Thunderfrog is an old Chikara veteran who recently has been moving over to death matches. Some of his most memorable work is the old YouTube series that Chuck Taylor did with the 24/7 hardcore title. He uses a big hammer and has a knack for good comedic timing. Arik Cannon is a Midwest staple, he runs First Wresting which runs its annual Wrestlepalooza. He’s been down to fest wrestling a few times and always had quality fun matches.

Effy vs Casanova Valentine

Effy, fresh off a no ring death match with Casanova’s biggest rival Shlak, comes into Cass’s home turf for this one. Effy is a wrestler based out of northern Florida who had a breakout year as Fest Champion going all over the country defending that title. Prior to that title win, Effy had a blood feud with Leon Scott at Fest Wrestling. Since then Effy has been going into the deathmatch realm, mostly at No Peace Underground. Casanova isn’t one to be messed with in this area, and it’ll be interesting to see how these two mesh together. Expect light tubes, barbed wire, blood and a match that you’ll be telling all your friends they missed out on WrestleMania Weekend.