GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport
Thursday, April 4
4:00 p.m.
White Eagle Hall, New Jersey

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Bloodsport I was one of the most unique fight cards during WrestleMania week last year. At the time it was organized by Matt Riddle, who has since moved on to other things. Now under the command of UFC and New Japan veteran Josh Barnett, the event hopes to outdo its first iteration.

This contest presents one of the bigger style clashes of the entire card. Phil Baroni tends to favor the stand-up game and tends to go for knockout victories. Dominic Garrini on the other hand with his BJJ background has almost no stand-up to speak of and almost exclusively works on the ground. Generally when a striker meets a grappler the grappler tends to have an advantage. However Baroni has only been submitted twice in his entire MMA career. This and his dominance in the stand-up game should be enough to give Baroni the edge here. Prediction: Phil Baroni

Andy Williams is the biggest X-factor of this entire competition as very little is known about him. Chris Dickinson fought Dan Severn at Bloodsport I and got knocked out in that fight. Given Severn’s advanced age this has to put a huge asterisk behind any chances of him winning in fight. Nevertheless, it is commendable that he has chosen to return for Bloodsport II. As his opponent is virtually unkown he has to be the favorite to win this bout. Prediction: Chris Dickinson

In this heavyweight bout the Canadian Bulldog Davey Boy Smith jr. faces of against the 33 year old Killer Kross. While they are of nearly equal height DBSJ enjoys a considerable weight advantage. Further, he tends to favor to keep things on the matt and he will likely look to use his additional weight to keep Kross on the ground. Kroos meanwhile will want to soften up DBSJ with his array of suplexes in order of having any chance of winning. Prediction: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

JR Kratos has not gotten a lot of mainstream coverage yet, but has managed to rack up an impressive resume so far this year, being undefeated in singles competition. A mixture of speed and strength make this fighter a threat for any opponent. Simon Gotch on the other hand has yet to win a singles fight in 2019 and is at sever weight disadvantage in this match up. But his technical skills mean that any lapse in concentration from his opponent will likely result in a quick submission victory. Prediction: JR Kratos

Gresham is pound for pound one of the most technically gifted fighters out there. His Octopus Stretch has submitted many a man regardless of any weight or height difference. While his natural habitat is on the matt, the Octopus can more than hold his own standing up as well with an array of strikes and kicks. His opponent is an expert in weapon assisted fighting, which are unlikely to be available at this event. Nevertheless he is an accomplished matt technician in his own right and it is unlikely that Gresham will be able to quickly overwhelm him. Further his focus on weapon based combat has resulted in a high threshold of pain making him very hard to submit. This and his height and weight advantage make him the clear favorite in this bout. Look for this match as a likely candidate for a Fight of the Night Bonus. Prediction: Masashi Takeda

Had these two met in their respective primes it would have been a main event anywhere in the country. While Severn managed to score an upset win on Bloodsport I the age gap is simply too large. This should be over in seconds if Mir takes it seriously. Prediction: Frank Mir

As a student of the great Whipper Billy Watson Hideki Suzuki has almost no peers when it comes to sheer grappling skills. His relentless style grinds his opponents into the mat until they are too tired to fight back. The one man that may be his equal in this style of combat is the man he is facing here. These two men are very much mirrors of each other. Thatcher has recently worked at improving his standup game and his deadly forearm strikes might be just what he needs to get an advantage over his opponent. However, momentum is not on his side as he is currently on a six singles fights losing streak. This pressure may ultimately prove to be too much as even the slightest lapse in concentration will spell disaster against an opponent the level of Hideki Suzuki. Prediction: Hideki Suzuki

At Bloodsport I Suzuki knocked out Matt Riddle, who gave his name to that event. As Riddle has turned over the event to Josh Barnett, Suzuki is hoping to repeat this achievement in our Main Event of the evening. Fighting out of Yokohama, Japan Suzuki is one of the most influential figures in the history of MMA and wrestling. While he is past his peak now he is still a danger for any opponent and should only be underestimated at your own peril. Josh Barnett meanwhile enjoys a significant height and weight advantage over his opponent and is no slouch when it comes to matt skills. However, he will have to shake off a significant amount of ring rust. His opponent, on the other hand, will have no such problems as he is still very much active in competition. Prediction: Minoru Suzuki

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport II has one of the most unique cards of the entire week. All the matchups are fresh fights and promise to be interesting clashes of styles and feature a wide array of competitors. Expectations for this event will be high and Bloodsport seems poised to deliver.