Welcome to Episode 12 of Everything Elite! This week, AB, Nate and Mike are back to talk about the news this week in All Elite Wrestling and the Elite Extended Universe.

Hey, it’s your ol’ pal Mike.

I’m gonna be honest: this is our most tangent-filled and goofy episode yet.

We spend about the first hour of the show doing our usual AEW talk covering this week’s Being the Elite, possible new talent, Visas, and talents’ farewell to the indies. But for the last half an hour, we talk about going to New York in a few days and what shows we are going to see, what we are excited about, and other essential EE lore. Stuff like how I don’t believe in boroughs, Nate not watching wrestling growing up, and AB’s metal band youth. We had a blast recording it, and we hope you enjoy this fun episode of Everything Elite.

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