A nice, quick version of this week’s independent wrestling preview. Yet again I’m under the weather and if I have to stare at a computer screen for any longer, then I’m going to end up throwing it out of the window.



Chaotic Wrestling – Cold Fury 18 – Friday – Haverhill, Mass.

Chaotic Wrestling, the Massachusetts promotion ran by Brian Fury, will be hosting their next show Cold Fury on Friday in Haverhill. One of the guys who started his career with the company is Josh Briggs, a guy I am a big fan of and someone I could see becoming a big name on the Indies this year. The big man will be getting a shot at the Chaotic Wrestling championship at Cold Fury, against another stand-out from the Mass area, JT Dunn. The champ has held the title for close to a year and this will be his 15th defense. NXT champion, Tommaso Ciampa was scheduled to be appearing as a special guest referee, but after being pulled by WWE due to his injury, he has been replaced by another champion in NXT and a former Chaotic alumni, Hanson. Visit their website for more info.

Warrior Wrestling – Warrior IV – Friday – Chicago Heights.

As per usual, Warrior Wrestling brings the most stacked line-up of the week with their fourth show next Friday in Chicago Heights. A relative who’s who of the Independent world, matches include Eddie Edwards vs Austin Aries and Jordynne Grace taking on Victoria. Two of the AEW female roster will also be warming up for Double or Nothing, as Britt Baker wrestles Kylie Rae. Other names appearing include LA Park, SCU, Brian Cage, Moose, Brian Pillman Jr, Trey Miguel, Sammy Guevara, DJZ and The Rascalz. How this promotion makes money I’ll never know. Find out more by visiting their website.

AAW – Hell Hath No Fury – Saturday – Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago.

One of my criticisms of AAW, and I don’t have too many, is that they are sometimes a little reluctant to really push the younger guys towards the top of the card. Well, they have certainly rectified that for their next show, as one of their most promising guys will be getting a shot at the AAW Heavyweight Championship. Usually seen more in the tag division, Jake Something has really come on leaps and bounds over the past year, and at Hell Hath No Fury, he will challenge Sami Callahan in the main event. That’s a big chance for Something, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does. Another of their younger guys will be getting a bit of a marquee match also, as Myron Reed takes on one of the best high fliers in the world, Dragon Lee. If you like flips, then this match will not disappoint. Current women’s champion Kylie Rae will be making her next defense as a bit of an underdog, facing Jessicka Havoc. There will also be appearances from Lucha legends, Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis. All information can be found here.

Shine – Shine 57 – Saturday – La Boom, New York.

Shine is back at La Boom next Saturday for Shine 57, their third show in a row at the New York venue. The main event is one that instantly catches my eye, with one of the stand-outs of last year’s MYC and one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world, Mercedes Martinez, challenging Allysin Kay for the Shine Championship. This match will be a rematch of the Shine title tournament final from September, and I’m expecting a hell of a match from two of the best women on the Indie scene today. Others appearing include Ivelisse, Shotzi Blackheart, Priscilla Kelly, Su Yung and Stormie Lee. More info is available here.


IPW:UK – Jimmy Havocs Unit Nine Farewell & Live in London – Wednesday & Friday – Unit Nine & Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green.

The announcement of Jimmy Havoc signing for AEW brought joy to many UK fans who had watched him bleeding on the UK scene for years. Havoc has been a staple of the scene for so long that it’s almost impossible to imagine it without him. His departure begins next week though, when he says goodbye to a promotion where he spent over 700 days as champion, IPW:UK. His final match will be against another AEW roster member and verified salt of the earth, MJF. What better way to say goodbye than to kick the shit out of that annoying bastard? A few days later, IPW will be moving over to Bethnal Green for Live In London on Saturday, with appearances from Kip Sabian, David Starr, Sienna Loxton and their current champion, Mark Haskins. Visit their website.

Fight Club Pro – International Tekkers – Friday – The Hangar, Wolverhampton.

Fight Club pro host their annual International Tekkers event next Friday at The Hangar in Wolverhampton. A show that is always stacked with awesome talent from around the world. The current FCP champion Meiko Satomura will be defending the title against Mark Davis in a big ole slugfest that is sure to be a treat to those in attendance. Davis’ tag partner will also be facing a Japanese legend, as Kyle Fletcher takes on Daisuke Sekimoto. That’s going to be a rough night for the Aussie Arrow. Other matches at International Tekkers include Cima vs Chris Brookes, Rey Horus against Jordan Devlin and Tim Thatcher wrestles Dan Moloney. Check out their website.

OTT – Scrappermania 5 – Saturday – National Stadium, Dublin.

It’s finally here. The rematch we’ve all been waiting for, the culmination of the best story in wrestling, The Import Killer vs The Ring General, The Irish Ace vs The Final Boss. After all the video packages and side angles, the time has finally come for Devlin to prove that he can defeat WALTER in front of a crowd who are begging for him to do so. This is what wrestling is all about and I cannot bloody wait to see it. I only hope that WWE doesn’t need them to leave early so they can do some drills in Enfield, because this match needs to be the main event. The rest of the show is stacked beyond belief. Fresh from announcing his retirement, Japanese legend Jushin Thunder Liger visits Ireland to take on the future of Irish wrestling, the 18-year old Scotty Davis. Liger has been wrestling for almost twice as long as Davis has been alive; just let that sink in for a moment. The British Strong Style group will also be in Dublin, along with Zack Gibson, Meiko Satomura, David Starr, The Besties in the World, Raven Creed and so many other awesome talents. There aren’t enough superlatives in the world to describe this show. Sign up to and thank me later.

Breed Wrestling – Never Fight a man with a Perm – Sunday – Sheffield City Hall.

Breed wrestling seemed to knock it out of the park with their debut show, Sunday Night Yeet last month, and next Sunday they follow it up with Never Fight a Man with a Perm, another contender for show title of the week. Their debut show saw TK Cooper walk away as their first ever champion and he makes his first defense on Sunday, against one of the breakthrough stars of the Euro scene last year, Lucky Kid. A revitalized Cooper against the always awesome Lucky Kid could be a hell of a match. The semi-main could also be an absolute beauty, if it happens that is, as Chris Ridgeway will take on Ilja Dragunov in an International Showdown. Ilja doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to honouring Indie bookings, and with the recent confirmation that he has finally signed with WWE, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls out of this one too. Although if this match does happen then you’d better believe I will be purchasing this show on VOD. Other matches that look good include More Than Hype taking on the Wild Boys trio of Andrew Cartier, Dirty Dragan and Angel Cruz, and Carlos Romo vs Spike Trivet. For more information, visit their website.

NORTH – NCL.16: Let The Cannons Fly 2 – Sunday – Riverside, Newcastle.

It seems that the Fight Club Pro show isn’t the only one where The Aussie Open boys will competing in singles action this week, with Kyle Fletcher taking on El Phantasmo, and Mark Davis going up against fellow Aussie, Punch Drunk Istria. The Fletcher/Phantasmo match is one I’m especially looking forward too, as both guys are pretty great. The show will also include the Rory Coyle St Paddy’s Massacre scramble match. If you interested in finding out a bit more about North wrestling, then visit their website to find out more.


wXw 16 Carat Revenge – Friday – Ludwigshafen.

Bodyslam – Pumpehuset – Saturday – Copenhagen.

Is there a database available to keep track of Chris Brookes tag team partners? If so, I’d imagine it would be a full-time job trying to keep it updated with the various partners he’s accumulated all over the world. Next Saturday he adds another name to list, when he teams with Michael Fynne in the Danes home promotion, Bodyslam wrestling. At Pumpehuset, Brookes and Fynne will take on the team of Peter Olisander and Emeritus in the main event. Olisander and Fynne have been feuding for quite some time now, with Olisander dethroning Fynne of the Bodyslam title at Januarys Skraenslam show. Shigehiro Irie continues his mission of taking over the Euro scene, when he takes on NXT UK JAG, Joseph Connors. Others appearing include Lucky Kid, Yuu, Sixt, Chuck Mambo and Tank. All information is available here.

Pro Wrestling Allstars – Sole Survivor III: The Catch Cup X Edition – Saturday – Mechelen.

Belgian promotion, Pro Wrestling Allstars present their next show, the rather wordy Sole Survivor III: The Catch Cup X Edition, next Saturday in the city of Mechelen. The show will include the annual Catch Cup, with this year’s participants including Steve Venom, Scotty Valentine. Lara Aslan, Sam Bellamy and Fabulous Nicky. The Queen of Diamonds championship will be defended also, with Jami Spark putting her title on the line against Amale Winchester. Go to their website.

Rest of the World

Lutte NSPW – Spring Break – Friday – Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec.

Another visit to Quebec for North Shore Pro Wrestling, one of the busiest promotions in Canada. At their Spring Break event next Friday, they host their 9th show of the year. Headlined by Marko Estrada making his fifth defense of the Combat Championship against the man he defeated for the title, Matt Falco. Markus Burke, Stephen Sullivan, Matt Angel, Travis Toxic and Dylan Donovan are all scheduled to appear also.

Melbourne City Wrestling – Clash of the Titans – Saturday – The Thornbury Theatre, Victoria.

A little slice of history will be going down in Melbourne next Saturday, as the two champions of Melbourne City Wrestling collide in a Clash of the Titans. Both championships on the line; Gino Gambino, the ‘is he, isn’t he’ Bullet club member, puts his MCW World heavyweight title on the line against the Intercommonwealth champion, Slex. Two of the biggest names in Australian wrestling right now, only one of them of them will be leaving with the gold. The sniper of the skies will also be at the Thornbury Theatre, taking on Ritchie Taylor. Another match that was recently built up at their all their women show, Kelly Anne will take on both Avary and Indy Hartwell in a three-way. Visit their website.

Southern Pro New Zealand – Queenstown Wrestlefest – Saturday – Queenstown, New Zealand.

A career could be about to end next week in New Zealand, for SPW:NZ. The promotion that has seen a big rise over the past year, at their next show, Queenstown Wrestlefest, we will see the current SPW New Zealand champion Kane Khan, put his title on the line against one of the owners of the company and a veteran of the Indie world, Markus Kool. I can remember seeing Markus over 10 years ago on the UK scene and it’s incredible what he has done since moving to New Zealand. If this is the end of his career, then putting over one of the bright young prospects of the New Zealand scene is exactly what one would expect of a talent such as The Hooligan. Good job sir, and keep growing that scene. If you fancy checking them out, then visit their website.

Promociones MDA – Live Show – Sunday – Arena Naucalpan.

For the Lucha fans out there who love their flips, Promociones MDA will be providing a taste of some of the top prospects from Mexico next Sunday, with guys such as Laredo Kid, El Soberano Jr and Dragon Bane all appearing at the Arena Naucalpan. More info is available on their Facebook page.