This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s more New Japan action as we continue tracking their hot March. John is joined by first-time guest Lorien (@divingmeteora) as we break down the NJPW Anniversary Event from Ota City Gymnasium and the first three nights of the New Japan Cup.

It all starts with the Anniversary Show, as we discuss two big junior title matches, everybody pointing at themselves, and a main event we both found a little underwhelming. Then it’s on to the first three nights of the New Japan Cup featuring 12 out of the 16 1st Round matches! Night 1 from Korakuen we discuss our Dad Feelings for Nakanishi, the International Cabal of Taichi Pretenders, Chase dunking on the host of this podcast personally and an awesome old guy battle in the main. Night 2 we’re much more down on as 3 of the 4 matches were really quite dire, so we discuss some stuff we really didn’t enjoy. But then it ends back on a positive night for Night 3 again with a lot of awesome stuff, including Taguchi’s big upset of Tenzan (and his near-war crime ankle locks), Tanahashi taking Umino to school, EVIL and ZSJ being kind of perfect opponents for each other, and finally an amazing blowaway MOTYC between Naito and Ibushi. We wrap things up with some mailbag questions including who Naito’s best opponent is and whether or not Umino’s dad calling his biggest match ever was a conflict of interest. A fun time breaking down some NJPW, both the hot and the not so hot!

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