This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s a giant puro blowout! There were about a million pretty big shows that took place over the past week or so in Japan and we decided to just try and cover them all (or at least the major matches). Joining us to do it is first time guest and relatively new VOW contributor Thomas Fischbeck (@rasslinratings), as Thomas like John is a crazy person who tries to watch virtually everything. They break down, in order: the entire Giant Baba Memorial Show from Sumo Hall including an awesome tag team main event, NJPW’s three Korakuens featuring a one of a kind retirement for Takashi Iizuka and two Honor Rising shows that frankly weren’t great, AJPW’s Excite Series Yokohama show featuring an amazing Miyahara-Suwama main event, a great Tokyo Joshi Pro show from top to bottom with the RETURN OF SAKISAMA~! (and we cover all of this one but especially why she’s so great), and finally the return of the anytime/anywhere contracts in DDT. Other topics include looking ahead briefly to the New Japan Cup, Champion Carnival & DDT in America, Roman’s return on RAW and Kenny Omega’s case of unfortunate timing, your questions and more. It’s a fun and jam packed episode!

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