This week on Wrestling Omakase we jump back into the world of the Dramatic Dream Team to talk two big Ryogoku shows! I’m joined by longtime returning guest and VOW contributor Taylor Maimbourg (@tamaimbo) as we first start with the return of MUSCLE after 9 years. It’s a four-hour comedy show that happens to have a few wrestling matches on it but we break down the entire thing from start to finish, including: qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Wrestlympics, a retirement match with a re-start, game show antics, a battle royale for a spot in a boy band, future AEW star Andreza the Giant Panda, and much more. Once that’s out of the way we turn to DDT Judgment proper, a gigantic 12-match show that featured the crowning of a new KO-D Openweight Champion. We talk each and every match on the show and discuss how we felt it stacked up next to other recent DDT big shows. Finally we wrap things up with your questions on DDT and then a brief discussion on traveling to Japan.

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