All Elite Wrestling announced a business partnership with Lucha Libre AAA, an important wrestling company in Mexico that doesn’t have the best reputation around the world, mainly due to their insanely chaotic shows and total disregard of coherent booking.

However, behind all the chaos, and carny stuff, Lucha Libre AAA has great, hungry wrestlers that have the talent to explode in the international scene.

When you watch a AAA show, you might get a main event full of random interferences and heel turns, but before that there’s a chance you’ll get one, two or more spectacular matches that really highlight what lucha libre is all about; these matches are usually worked by young luchadores that have been given the freedom to exploit their creativity in order to create insane spots and engaging action. It’s safe to assume that All Elite Wrestling won’t be using old AAA guys like Dr. Wagner Jr. or Chessman on their shows, but the younger, hungrier luchadores that can create a GIF-worthy moment any day of the week.

And while I’m excited for the possibility of seeing some of AEW’s finest perform live in Mexico, I’m also eager to know which mexican talent will grasp the opportunity to perform in a bigger stage and—just as Pentagón Jr. and Fénix did some years ago—make the most of it in order to increase their international value. So, here are some Lucha Libre AAA wrestlers that could impress the world and be of great service to All Elite Wrestling in the near future.

Hijo del Vikingo

Vikingo is lucha libre’s future, a spectacular wrestler that constantly provides the most awe-inspiring highlights of AAA shows. If you search ‘Hijo del Vikingo’ in Twitter you’ll get a mountain of Gifs where this man is doing the most innovative, amazing stuff. Vikingo is only 21 years, he’s already a regular feature in AAA’s cards and is a current holder of the AAA World Trios Championship (alongside Laredo Kid and Myztezis Jr.).

I can totally see Hijo del Vikingo providing memorable spotfests in All Elite Wrestling and I’m already salivating at the prospect of a multi-man match involving Vikingo and the oWe guys. I have my doubts about him in singles matches, but he’s had some solid one-on-ones with the likes of Drago and Rich Swann, and being able to learn from AEW’s best would be a huge boost for him. In my eyes, there should be no doubt that Hijo del Vikingo will be Mexico’s next big export.


Not so long ago, Keyra made a name for herself participating in awesome intergender matches all throughout the mexican independent scene, where she was able to showcase her strong style wrestling against the likes of Ricky Marvin, Aeroboy and Los Kamikazes del Aire. Keyra hits hard, can move fast and after becoming a AAA regular, is quickly becoming the standout luchadora of the company.

All Elite Wrestling has recruited some interesting prospects for their women’s division but Keyra has the potential to be their flag bearer: her in-ring stuff is great, she has an international presence, can work many types of matches and her style would be perfect to mix things up with the joshi arrivals. AEW should use Keyra to boost the intensity of their women’s division and, with the aid up seasoned joshi wrestlers, allow her to perform in hard-hitting matches that would showcase a brand of women’s wrestling different to WWE’s current main roster offerings.

Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid is one of the most underrated luchadores in the world that quietly piled up an impressive resume of matches last year. Throughout his career, he has wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH, Impact Wrestling, AAW, The Crash, EVOLVE and recently made his PWG debut, getting rave reviews in the process. It looked like he wouldn’t be able to breakout of the ‘unrecognized hard-working indie guy’ mold, but he has stepped up his game and is now an important piece in AAA’s machine.

Laredo Kid’s PWG experience should be more than enough to establish him as a trustworthy guy in the eyes of AEW, and it would be wise for them to build him up as a top international star because I think 2019 might be Laredo Kid’s big breakout year.


If you know your AAA you might be raising your eyebrows at this pick, but hear me out. Pagano is not a good performer, in fact, he might be one of the worst: he’s not a good seller, he’s timing is all over the place and he’s not the most gifted athlete. However, this man is absolutely crazy and has a great mind for deathmatches. I think All Elite Wrestling can use Pagano to showcase hardcore wrestling in a minor capacity: I can totally see Pagano having a bloody, insane death match with Joey Janela or Jimmy Havoc, where he is bumping all over weird weapons and having his back set on fire or something. I’m not saying he should be a regular on AEW’s show, but he can pop up a couple of times to spice things up and help out in the deathmatch department. Plus, he has a great look and is very well liked by casual fans in Mexico, so that might help to get more foreign eyeballs on the product.

I was going to write about Joe Lider in this ‘deathmatch guy’ pick but, despite being a tremendous hardcore wrestler, he’s not getting any younger and doesn’t have the cool look and casual following that Pagano has. Having said that, if AEW wants to have a bloody affair, they can always call Joe Lider and watch him start bleeding in the first 30 seconds of any match.

Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Tito Santana & Mocho Cota Jr.)

This trio of no-nonsense brawlers have been AAA’s most outstanding faction for the last couple of years now and have shown the skill to have chemistry with any type of team, whether it’s the high-flying Jinetes del Aire, the ultra-violent OGT’s or a limited Psycho Clown-led team, these guys have shown they can adapt to their opponent’s style. Poder del Norte would be a great unit to have around in AEW, one that you can pair with anybody to open shows or even feature in a faction-driven storyline.


Taurus is a big, mean luchador that can throw people around with this impressive power, but that is also quite agile for his size. Taurus has been around for a while, has gathered lots of experience in the mexican independent circuit and will have his first big international test during Wrestlemania Weekend where he’s already booked for the Wrestlecon shows.

Look, I want Taurus built as a monster in AEW: despite him being the property of another company, I’d love if AEW could use him as a big boss that shows up every once in a while to wreak havoc. Also, their current roster is lacking a powerhouse and Taurus is a perfect pick to fill that void: he would be the big guy that can go at a fast pace but can also deliver a high-paced match with smaller, most agile wrestlers.