The best of the best from this week in the WWE

Monday Night RAW

A Moment of Ambrose

This segment was trending in a very bad direction until it was saved by the unlikeliest of heroes.  Wacky Dean Ambrose was back to poke fun at everyone and mention his “sexual magnetism” which drew a scoff from Renee on commentary.  The last two weeks have seen a more natural Ambrose emerge on the mic which has reminded people of just how good Ambrose can be.  At his best, he’s a funny, quirky character and thankfully we got that this week to save the segment and make sure EC3’s run didn’t get tanked this early on.

Mojo can talk?

Mojo Rawley cut a really good promo here.  He was intense, yet somewhat twisted in his delivery.  If this is signaling a new more focused and slightly deranged version of Rawley then I’m all for it if he continues this level of performance.


Stone Cold Stev- THE MAN

Becky Lynch vs The Authority is in full swing.  This was trending in a bad direction, Triple H was lobbing very valid criticisms at Lynch making her out to be nothing more than a coward.  Just when it felt like she may not have a reasonable out for the promo she simply slapped him in the face and sauntered off.  This reminded me that The Man is not a good person, but god damn she is cool and I want to root for her.  Just maybe don’t continue to expose the hottest act int he company please WWE.

Daniel Bryan

I sound like a broken record but Daniel Bryan is amazing and this new character arc of his has been extremely entertaining.  He got cheers in his hometown but worked it into his douchy vegan planet hugger gimmick.  Rowan got to speak too and he actually added to the promo with his dialogue and didn’t just feel tacked on so a win all around with this one.

205 Live

Main Event

This week’s fatal four-way elimination match was all the spot filled cruiserweight action you’ve come to love about this show.  It wasn’t as good as the Rumble title match as there wasn’t an Itami or Murphy to diversify the action but everyone involved went at it in a high paced match.


Women’s Division

NXT’s women’s division got the focus in the main event as Bianca Belair teamed with Io Shirai and Kairi Sane against Shayna Baszler and her green friends.  The match itself was fine with Shirai getting a lot of shine and pinning Baszler before proclaiming herself as the next challenger.  They also teased some tension between the Sky Pirates and Belair who was none to happy at Shirai tagging herself in for the win.  Some interesting stuff set up and an entertaining match from this main event reminded me of how good this division is.

Catch Point

Matt Riddle faced off with a familiar face in Drew Gulak on this show.  While I personally don’t enjoy the style they wrestled I can see that it is a dream match of sorts to some.  If you like the style then this was probably your match of the week and a unique crossover match as Gulak invaded NXT.

Let’s get ready to Bugenhagen

Eric Bugenhagen made his televised debut as he got squashed by Drew Gulak.  None of that mattered though because he rocked his way to the ring and played Gulak like a guitar.  It’s a goofy gimmick but Full Sail loved it and the man himself plays it to perfection.