What a week ahead. Big shows, dream matches galore and of course, more greatness from Stardom. A very UK heavy list this week, with both Rev Pro and OTT holding their first major shows of the year, and PCW are on the Road to Glory.

Every show listed is worth checking out. So go watch more indie wrestling.

UK & Ireland

Riptide – Deep Six – Friday – Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

Riptide debuted last year, standing out instantly for their incredible production values, giving them a viewing experience similar to that of watching a movie. It’s not just the production that catches the eye though, as the wrestling is pretty damn good too. Set in Brighton, their cards are mostly made up of the best of the London scene, with a sprinkling of talent from the rest of the UK and the world beyond. Last year, matches from WALTER/Mike Bailey and Jordan Devlin/Kyle Fletcher really stood out for them, and next Friday they begin their year with Deep Six. Matches announced so far includes, Paul Robinson & Chakara vs Martina & Rocky Mac, Ashmore wrestles Cara Noir, and NXT:UK rookie, Candy Floss takes on the lost man of the UK scene, TK Cooper. If you really fancy checking out something new in the UK, then Riptide are certainly worth a look.

Rev Pro – High Stakes – Friday – York Hall, Bethnal Green.

When Neville left WWE and became PAC again, the creative minds of the IWC went into overload. Dream matches galore were being bandied about for the man that gravity forgot. I don’t think any match has been dreamed off and spoken about as much though, as PAC vs Will Ospreay. Rev Pro got in there first, and the match sold out York Hall almost instantly. The main event of next Friday’s High Stakes, expectations are remarkably high for this battle. Although there are a couple of questions that may alarm some fans. Will we get the spot heavy, high flying PAC that inhabited the Indies so many years ago? Or will we get the character-heavy heel he has become since leaving WWE? There’s also concern over Will Ospreay being at 100% due to him recently breaking his toe. Regardless though, this match is going to be a hell of a spectacle that could make many a MOTY list come the end of the year. That isn’t the only match on the card, with recent AEW and Being the Elite personality, MJF, making his Rev Pro debut against El Phantasmo, and Aussie Open face CCK in a rematch from their great match last year. Let’s not kids ourselves though, this show is all about PAC vs Ospreay. The show will eventually be available to watch here.

Preston City Wrestling – Road to Glory – Saturday & Sunday – Blackpool Tower.

The biggest time of the year is just a week away for Preston City Wrestling with their Road to Glory shows taking place next weekend. One of the most enjoyable and fun weekends in UK wrestling, who doesn’t love a trip to Blackpool for a weekend of crappy beaches, plenty of beer and some awesome graps. The shows will consist of both singles and tag team tournaments, including some of the best UK and International talent around. Confirmed so far are Jeff Cobb, Tom Lawlor, MJF, Sugar Dunkerton, Iestyn Rees and Joey Hayes. All shows will be filmed for the Fight Network.  Visit their website to find out more.

Southside – Raw Deal 8 – Saturday – Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage.

Southside Wrestling has assembled together a great line-up for Raw Deal 8 next Saturday at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage. The big two matches for me will see the heavyweight title on the line, as Rob Lynch defends against Dan Moloney. The latter of which is a guy whose performances on NXT UK do not do justice to who he really is, and Lynch has been stuck in limbo since the London Riots collapsed, but this should be a decent big boys match. There will also be a Number one contender match for the title, as Shigehiro Irie, who has been slowly setting the UK alight over the past month, takes on Gabriel Kidd for a shot at the title. A couple of big names will also in Stevenage, with Santino Marella, Crazzy Steve, Andrew Everett and the king of the Jags, Joseph Connors, all appearing. More information is available here.

OTT – Homecoming 2 – Sunday – National Arena, Dublin.

Now this is a show. I’ve waxed lyrically about how wonderful OTT is, and one look at the line-up for Homecoming is evidence enough of how right I am. The best story in wrestling right now will see Jordan Devlin finally get his hands on his former friend, David Starr. The American shocked the Irish fans when he stopped Devlin from finally getting a pin over WALTER at Redemption. Everybody was flabbergasted, jaws dropped, and boos reigned upon the Jewish Cannon for his betrayal of his friend. Their recent build at the Contender 13 show was also outstanding, and there is no way this match and the atmosphere in the National Arena will not be off the charts. As per usual with OTT and the works of Shaun Ryan, they’ve recently released an incredible Hype Video that will get you counting down the moments until these two gets their hands on each other.

That certainly isn’t the only big match at Homecoming though, with PAC making his debut against the current OTT champion, WALTER. Another dream match for PAC next week, and I can’t wait to see WALTER chop the shit out of the Geordie bastard. There is also a cage match, with The Kings of the North putting their tag titles on the line against The Lads from the Flats. Oh, and Will Ospreay will be teaming with the next big Irish star, Scotty Davis, against The Besties in the World. There is nothing on this show I’m not looking forward to, and if it isn’t being spoken about as a show of the year contender afterwards, then I will be amazed. Do yourself a favour, sign up for their on-demand and watch the best promotion in Europe right now.


Game Changer Wrestling – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done – Saturday – Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jun Kasai, the Japanese death match legend, will be making his debut for the promotion that broke out ahead of the pack in 2018, Game Changer Wrestling. It’s kind of amazing he hasn’t appeared for them before, and the crazy bastard will be facing one of the ever-present deathmatch guys in the US, Alex Colon, next Saturday. I’m not much of a death match fan myself, but if you like seeing guys hit each other with light tubes, then this match will probably excite the crap out of you. Current GCW champion, Nick Gage will also be appearing in Atlantic City. He won’t be trying to kill movie stars this time though, instead he’ll be facing Shlak in a prison rules match. The less said about that guy, the better. Recent ROH and NJPW debutant, ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams will be providing a break from the blood and weaponry, as he faces KTB. More information is available on their website.

PWX – Battlefield X – Saturday – Concord, North Carolina.

The North Carolina promotion will be hosting Battlefield X next Saturday, at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord. The big match for the event will be the 2nd Annual 30-man Battlefield rumble match, which includes Austin Theory, Ethan Case, Saieve Al-Sabah and another guy fresh from making his New Japan debut, John Sklyar. One of my favourite tag teams, The Lethal Enforcers combo of Anthony Henry & James Drake, will be challenging for the PWX tag titles against Revolt. The best match for me looks like the contest between Slim-J and DJZ. For fans of the high flying, this one should be a treat. Visit their website.

Fest Wrestling – Love is a Battlefield 3 – Sunday – Gainesville, Florida.

The Fest wrestling chaps over in Florida will be hosting the 3rd version of their ever-popular Love Cup tag team competition next Sunday. This year’s collection includes a who’s who of teams in the area, with The Carnies, The Gym Nasty Boys, T.E.C.H, Effy & Beastly and everybody’s favourite NXT enhancement team, The Metro Brothers. Others appearing at Love is a Battlefield 3, include Saeive Al-Sabah, Diamante and The Coda. This show looks like a lot of fun. So, go check out their  website to find out more.


SUGI 15th Anniversary Show – Tenka Muso ~ To the Future – Monday – Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

Anniversary shows in Japan really are an incredible tradition. Whether it be 15, 20 or even 30 years, it’s such a respectful way to celebrate the career of a wrestler. On Monday, it’s the turn of the high-flying SUGI to celebrate his 15th year in wrestling at Korakuen Hall. The Zero-1 regular has assembled an impressive collection of talent for his show, teaming with the legendary Ultimo Dragon & The Great Sasuke to take on Jinsei Shinzaki, Kenichiro Arai & Mentai Kid in the main event. Others on the card include Aja Kong teaming up Kohei Sato, as well as matches from Masato Tanaka, Yuji Hino, Shinjiro Otani and Kenso. It’s almost worth it just to see Aja Kong and Kohei Sato team up together. All information can be found here.

Big Japan – Big One Jam – Thursday – Shin-kiba 1st ring.

A joint show from two of Japan’s biggest Indie promotions on Thursday, as Zero-1 and Big Japan join forces for Big One Jam at Shin-kiba 1st ring in Tokyo. All the regulars from both companies will be on hand, with Kohei Sato vs Kazumi Kikuta being the match I’ll be chasing up if this show becomes available. Sato made a fan out me after his great match with Sekimoto in Zero-1 on New Year’s Day, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him this year. Masato Tanaka, Daichi Hashimoto and Shinjiro Otani will also all be appearing in Tokyo. Visit their website.

Stardom – Queens Fes – Sunday – Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

Time for my weekly Stardom love fest. I can’t help it, the promotion is awesome and I might actually be in love with Natsu Samire. They’ve had a cracking start to the year, with their Anniversary show knocking it out of the park and the Osaka battle between Kagetsu and Hazuki currently being in my top 5 matches of the year. Things are looking good for the world’s premier all-female promotion. Hazuki could be banging out another great match next Sunday, when she defends her High-Speed championship against AZM at Queens Fes. Kagetsu will be unveiling a new member of Oedo Tai, and Mayui Iwatani continues her return from injury, teaming with Arisha Hoshiki to challenge Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashashita for the Goddess of Stardom Championship. Go watch Stardom, it’s awesome.

Rest of the World

Dansk Pro Wrestling – Vild Vinter XVI – Friday – Remison, Randers.

Dansk Pro Wrestling will be holding their Vind Eller Forsvind Tournament next Friday in Randers. I have no idea what any of those words mean, but who doesn’t love a tournament. First round matches so far include, Michael Schenkenburg taking on UK strongman, Kay Jutler, Big D vs Chaos and Leeloo vs Nikita. The main event of the show will be champion vs champion, title vs title. As Lou King Sharp puts his DPW championship up against the European Cruiserweight Champion, Nito Green. Visit their website

wXw – Dead End 2019 – Friday – Markthalle, Hamburg.

It’s fast approaching the biggest time of the year for wXw. With 16 Carat Gold only a month away, they continue to build stories and momentum for the biggest weekend of the year in European wrestling. Next Friday is their last big show before they join the Road to 16 Carat. At the famous Markthalle in Hamburg, the new tag team champions, Pete Bouncer & Ivan Kiev will make the first defence of their titles against former champions and the winners of last year tag league, Jay FK. The show will also include Ilja Dragunov, WALTER, David Starr, Bobby Gunns, Marius Al-Ani and more of the regular wXw roster. For more info, visit their website.

Southern Pro New Zealand – Fight for Gold – Saturday – Invercargill.

Robbie Eagles has become a phenomenon in Australia over the past year. His matches with Will Ospreay in PWA really brought him a lot of attention, followed by his great showing in the Jr. tag league for New Japan. Things are certainly looking up for the assassin of the sky and I’m very much hoping to see him in a New Japan ring again sometime soon. Until that time, he continues to tear things up on the Oceania scene, being easily the biggest name in that area right now. Next Saturday, he travels to New Zealand to debut for a promotion I have praised a few times before, SPW:NZ. The promotion will be hosting their Fight for Gold tournament next Saturday, in Invercargill. With the winners of four singles matches going on to compete in a ladder match in the main event. Eagles will be facing T-Rex in his qualifying match, with Will Power wrestling Charlie Roberts in another qualifier. There will also be an SPW New Zealand Championship match, with Kane Khan defending his title against Markus Kool. There is a lot of good stuff coming out of New Zealand right now, and most of it is coming from SPW.

Federacion Nacional de Lucha Libre – Revolucion vs Federacion – Sunday – Club Chocolate, Santiago.

Been a few weeks since I looked at the Chilean scene, so this week I break that duct by looking at Federacion Nacional de Lucha Libre, who host their next show, Revolucion vs Federacion, next Sunday at Club Chocolate in Santiago. A joint show with Revolucion Lucha Libre, matches announced so far include, Dozer & Charlie against Los Bravucones in a no disqualification match. My favourite tag team in Chile, Lil Dick’s take on De La Verdad in a ‘winner takes all match’, as well as a triple threat match for the women’s title, with Lilith defending against Prima Zombie and Gaby Rose. More information is available here.