I’m back after yet another week of dying from the plague to talk about the wonders of Independent wrestling. I’m keeping it short and sweet in my intro, so I can go back to wallowing in my own filth and watching Stardom all day.

Support Indie wrestling, oh and watch Stardom, it’s awesome.


AAW – Lucha City Limits – Friday – AFS Cinema, Austin.

Things are changing over in Chicago, and I’m not talking about the weather. AAW regulars ACH and Trevor Lee have both signed with WWE and new guys are getting the chance to shine and make a name for themselves which is something a lot of fans have wanted for quite some time now. The promotion is back in Texas next Friday for Lucha City Limits. Their last show at the AFS Cinema was very enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to watching this when it becomes available. The tag division will be taking center stage in Texas, with The Lucha Brothers challenging AR Fox & Myron Reed for the tag titles. Pentagon and Fenix defeated The Rascalz at The Final Stand for a shot at the titles, and this match is sure to be a spot fest treat. The Rascalz may not be in the title match, but they will be in Austin facing LAX in another match that shows how awesome the tag team scene is right now on the Independents. In singles action, Jimmy Jacobs has been a thorn in the side of Jessicka Havoc of late, and the two will battle it out at the AFS Cinema in a dog collar match. There will also be appearances from The Besties in the World, MJF, PACO, Ricky Starks and Ryan Davidson. The show will be Streaming live over on the Highspots Network

Action – Live – Friday – Tyrone, Georgia.

AC Mack came through an awesome four-way at Watch for Monsters, defeating Slim-J, Alan Angels and Ike Cross to become the first Action Champion. Mack is a great heel on the southern scene and he’s the perfect first champion for the young promotion. His first defence of the title comes next Friday, when Cam Carter challenges in the main event. In the match I’m most looking forward to, Anthony Henry makes his debut for the promotion against facing arguably the MVP of Action so far, Slim-J. That should be a hell of a match between two of the most overlooked talents in the world. Ex ECW, WWE and pretty much everywhere else legend, Stevie Richards is also going to be making his debut in Tyrone, teaming up with James Bandy & Ryan Rembrandt to take on Alan Angels, O’Shay Edwards and David Ali. Angel and Edwards have had a great couple of months on the Indies and this match looks like it could be a lot of fun. Visit their website for more information.

Defy – Slamtown – Saturday – Portland, Oregon.

Fresh from grabbing the wrestling world headlines due to a surprise appearance from The Young Bucks, Defy wrestling presents their next show, Slamtown, next Saturday in Portland. I’ve mentioned in this column a few times how I believe Defy could be the next Indie company to break out, and the fact they were selected by The Bucks as part of their ‘pre AEW Indie tour’, proves I’m not the only one who thinks so. The marquee match for their next show see’s John Morrison (or should I call him Johnny Defy), make his debut against the wrestling world’s favourite daredevil, Darby Allin. I’m expecting a flip or two out of this bad boy. Visit their website to see what everyone is talking about.

Scenic City Rumble – Saturday – Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Now, I’m not really sure if the next promotion is actually a promotion or not, but I’m including them because their shows are awesome, plus the main event from their next event has me salivating all over the place. Followed by their Scenic City Invitational even in August and the Scenic City Trios in November, the Rumble is their first event of the year, showcasing the finest talent on the Southern scene. The main event, and the match has me pulling my pants down in anticipation, is the battle of two of my favourite guys on the Indies and two guys who are criminally underrated, Joey Lynch and Anthony Henry. Lynch was the winner of the 2018 Scenic City Invitational and Henry was a losing finalist from the 2017 event. Plus, they are both fucking awesome. The winner of the 30-man rumble match will earn themselves a spot in Augusts Invitational event, with the participants so far including AC Mack, Isaiah Frazier, James Bandy, Matt Sells and others. The show will eventually be available to watch over on IWTV and more information for the show can be found on their Twitter page.


Defiant – Unstoppable – Saturday – Oxford Road, Manchester.

A stalwart of the UK scene, David Starr recently made it official by moving to the UK, making him arguably the biggest Indie star in the UK right now. There aren’t many promotions on our fair shores that he hasn’t appeared for. In Defiant, he recently faced Pac in the former WWE stars return to Newcastle in a great match which the fans loved every moment of. At Unstoppable next Sunday, ‘The Bernie Sanders of Pro Wrestling’ gets a shot at the Defiant world championship, when he challenges Rampage Brown in the main event. There will also be a fall’s count anywhere match between Lana Austin and Bea Priestley, as well as appearances from El Phantasmo, Martin Kirby, Joe Hendry and Primate. More information is available here.

Eve – Global Women Strike 2 – Saturday – Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green.

Another sold out event from the queens of the UK scene for their 2nd Global Women Strike event next Saturday. As it says on the tin, there will be plenty of talent from around the globe on show. Joshi legend, Emi Sakura will be challenging NXT:UK Jag and current Eve champion, Nina Samuels in the main event. Big Momma Pump will also be at the Resistance Gallery, as Jordynne Grace wrestles Laura Di Matteo. Visit their website to find out more.

Breed Pro – Sunday Night Yeet – Sunday – Sheffield.

Breed Pro will be hosting their debut show next Sunday with Sunday Night Yeet. The Sheffield promotion will be kicking things off with an 8-man tournament to crown the Breed Heavyweight Champion. They’ve brought together a very impressive collection of wrestlers for the tournament, with Chris Ridgeway, TK Cooper, Lucky Kid, El Phantasmo, Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivet, Beano and Danny Jones all competing for the chance to leave Sheffield as the first ever champion. There will also be a 6-person tag match, with Irish prodigies More Than Hype, facing off against Session Moth Martina and The Anti Fun Police. All information can be found on their website.

Rest of the World

International Wrestling Australia – RumbleRock III & Suplex on the Sand III– Friday & Saturday – Hornsby, New South Wales.

Another venture into the Aussie scene from me, this time looking at one of the smaller promotions in the country. IWA, or International Wrestling Australia for those concerned that Ian Rotten has moved down under, have a busy old weekend with Rumblerock III taking place next Friday, before Suplex on the Sand the following day. The big story of the weekend will be the rivalry of Jackson Kelly and ‘Cowboy’ Chris Abbot. At RumbleRock, they will face a mystery opponent of the others choosing, before they battle it out for Abbots IWA Heavyweight championship the following day in a Northern Beaches Brawl match. I love a well-built rivalry, and IWA have done a stellar job at building up this match. Other names appearing over the weekend include Matty Wahlberg and The Style Boiz. To find out more, visit their website.

Impact Pro New Zealand – Whanganui Warfare – Saturday – Wanganui Racecourse.

Staying in that part of the world, Impact Pro: NZ present their first show of the year, Whanganui Warfare, next Saturday. The New Zealand heavyweight championship will be on the line, with Jakob Cross defending against Shane Sinclair. The Monster vs The Shooter promises to be a hell of a match, with two guys who are towards the upper echelons of the New Zealand scene. The women’s title will be getting an outing also, with Candy Lee defending in a three-way against Grace Lightning and Misty. The ‘Modern Day Warrior’, Ben Mana will be making his return to his hometown in a match against the ‘Strong Style Samoan’, Liger. More information is available here.

Championship of Wrestling – Saar Wars III – Saturday – Saarbrucken.

A short visit to Europe this week, for Championship of Wrestling in Saarbrucken. The German promotion edge out Breed Pro for the ‘Show title of the week’ award this week, with Saar Wars III. I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I think that’s brilliant. It’s not all about the name though, as the card has some pretty good matches too. Paul London, a guy who seems to have been wrestling forever yet doesn’t seem to age, will be facing one of the next breakout stars in Europe, Oliver Carter. The high flyer is the best wrestler to come out of Switzerland since Cesaro, and I’d love to see him show up more in some of the bigger Euro promotions. Another couple of stalwarts of the Euro scene will go at it, with T-K-O facing Tristan Archer. To find out how you can watch Saar Wars, visit their website.