Best of the Best from this week in WWE

Monday Night RAW

The Man vs The Baddest

Can we just take a second to appreciate the POP that Lynch got as soon as her music hit. For anyone doubting Lynch’s star power just listen to the crowds’ reaction to her. Rousey cut a defiant promo promising to defeat the Man and had some great lines, especially the one about UFC not wanting women to the main event but Rousey making it there eventually, as always seeing Rousey and Lynch come face to face gave me goosebumps. This feud is your mania main event, this match deserves to main event Mania. And based on the reactions to Lynch it may just lead to the newest WrestleMania moment.

Opening Segment

Putting Seth Rollins and Triple H in the ring for a segment always produces something good. They have great chemistry and this promo segment was no different. H hyped the hell out of Rollins and put him over. Ambrose then showed glimpses of what made him so good at his peak, the sass, the cockiness, the natural ability on the mic. Ambrose looked really good standing up to Triple H. It was a fun segment that led to a good match and made the two full-time performers look good.

SmackDown Live

We’re gonna do this forever

Another SmackDown another great segment featuring Lynch and Charlotte. The roles are fully reversed now as Flair is the clear heel and Lynch the cool anti-hero which has kept it fresh. These two also have great chemistry and every time they share a ring they produce something exciting. If this is building to another match between the two then I’m happy with that and happy to see them build to a heel Charlotte vs Face Becky match.

US title WHAT’S UP

R Truth winning the US title is a good way to move Nakamura and Rusev away from it. While it’s too soon to turn Rusev heel again it was a good segment that got heat on the two heels for attacking the fun babyface. Since debuting on SDLive Truth has been a treat and deserves a run with this title as he gets good reactions and can be entertaining in any segment.

Elimination Chamber build

Everyone coming out one by one to cut their promos is kinda hokey but it’s a necessary evil.  With that out of the way, the main event segment was great.  Daniel Bryan, as usual, was on fine form as he revealed his new title belt while telling us about poor Daisy the cow.  Once he was finished we had some words said between Orton and Mustafa Ali before Samoa Joe came out to torch everyone in the ring.  With four victims to play off Joe spit fire, as he’s done on many occasions, and sparked a big brawl leading to the announcement of the Elimination Chamber.


Pirates Of The Sky

The action in this tag team match was a perfectly standard NXT tag match.  What brought it up a notch was Sane and Shirai being so good.  Their combo offense is fun and they work well together.  Shafir and Duke were decent and for where they are in their development showed competency but the Stardom duo shined in this match.