The best of the best from this week in WWE.

Monday Night RAW

Sasha Banks is The Boss

Sasha Banks has looked like a star in her feud with Ronda Rousey.  Anyone that watched Banks in NXT knew that she had this in her but it’s returned from its slumber over the past few weeks.  It’s the attitude, it’s the swagger and it’s the confidence that she can do what nobody else can that makes The Boss such a  good character.  Now that she isn’t in a repetitive 50/50 feud these character traits have come to the forefront and Banks not backing down from Rousey makes her look like a star.

Elias is still the best thing on RAW

Elias is still over and still entertaining whenever he gets the opportunity to cut a promo.  His feud with Corbin isn’t setting the world on fire but Corbin is so easy to hate that the crowd is eating up everything Elias says about him.  Consistently entertaining and a rising star Elias is one of RAW’s MVPs

SmackDown Live

More Lucha Magic

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade is a match I could happily watch every week.  They are both really talented workers who have very crisp, clean matches with really cool spots and a good pace to their matches.  This week’s two out of three falls match was not as good as the previous week’s match but it was still a great match that WWE fans should rave about.  Mysterio has been reeling back the years and proving he’s still great and Andrade has made fans and hopefully, the office takes notice.

Daniel Bryan speaks the truth

The New Daniel Bryan attacked Vince McMahon and his generation with some very valid criticisms.  Everything he said was true and probably made a few people cheer him  While that isn’t the intended result Bryan still killed it with the delivery.  He’s a crazed man spouting hate and it’s been the best thing about the build to this match with AJ

The Man is all talk

The story between Asuka and Becky Lynch is simple.  Becky talks a good game and spits fire on a regular basis, Asuka isn’t about talk and is here to fight.  This week we had Charlotte added in stirring the pot between the two and sparking a brawl.  Asuka vs Lynch was always an easy build as they are both charismatic women who are on fire at the moment.


The Twodom

Kairi Sane and Io Shirai got to show off in a squash match this week.  The chemistry between the two was as good as always and their tandem offense looked good.  Until either woman gets pushed to the NXT title they can tide themselves and fans over with these entertaining tag matches.

A Fight

The other tag match on this show was a straight up sprint.  The Brit-Am Brawlers and the European Union had a crazy match with nothing but action.  They all brought the hard hits and Aichner did some insane high flying.  This was a short match but it was all action and I would love to see more of this match in the future.

Final Build to Phoenix

NXT always peaks its main feuds at the right time before a Takeover, whether it’s a hype video like Baszler vs Belair received or the DIY reunion tease that left two babyfaces needing revenge for the two single title feuds NXT got me suitably hyped for each match.

NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

Business As Usual

What’s left to say about these Takeover shows that hasn’t been said already.  Consistently great shows that feature NXT’s biggest matches.  Takeover Phoenix was no different as we had a very hot tag team opener, a PWG style match from Ricochet and Gargano and Bianca Belair taking the next step in her rise to the NXT women’s championship.  The show ending with the seemingly reunited DIY standing together got a huge reaction from the fans and sets us up nicely for some fun times ahead as we look towards Mania weekend

Royal Rumble

The Man!

Becky Lynch winning the women’s royal rumble was always the best possible choice.  She got the biggest reaction of anyone in the match and fans were on the edge of their seats with the injury angle.  The build to the moment of her winning was great and it was the correct decision to have it come down to her and Charlotte.  The WWE running with the popular Lynch created a moment that WWE fans will remember for a long time.


You aren’t going to convince anyone that Brock Lesnar is a great worker, but this match worked around his shortcomings quite well.  A short match where Balor flipped the script and came out of the gates very hot led to an original Lesnar match without the usual 15 minutes of suplex city.