This week on Wrestling Omakase the Year in Review series marches on as we look back at an eventful year for Ring of Honor! Back for another year, the Year in Review series will focus on a different promotion each week and get you all caught up on them. Didn’t see a ton from their year? Feel like you need a refresher course? We go through as much of the year as we can in chronological order, highlighting stuff you may have missed along the way. Then we discuss our picks from the promotion for the traditional Observer-style awards, including: Wrestler of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Best Major Show, Match of the Year and more.

It was quite the year for ROH, which began kind of quietly and ended with the major bang of the Elite (with the exception of Marty Scurll) and the SCU all seemingly leaving. John is joined by the same guests from our 2017 ROH Year in Review episode, VOW contributors Joe Gagne (@joegagne) & Sean Sedor (@SASedor2994), as we look to break down the year that was in ROH and look ahead to 2019. This includes a full chronological breakdown of their major shows, lengthy discussions on the Dalton Castle & Jay Lethal World title reigns and pushes for Kenny King and others, talk on the Women of Honor division and the relationships with STARDOM & NJPW, and more. We then shift into a full breakdown of the Elite leaving and what kind of hole that could leave for ROH in 2019, what AEW might look like (and who the hell is left to make up their talent roster), discuss the ROH signings that have come out in recent months, and much more. Finally, we wrap things up with our ROH year-end awards and answer a number of your questions (many of which include more 2019 speculation for both ROH & AEW). It’s a wide-ranging chat on an eventful year for ROH and what’s to come next, this week!