This week on Wrestling Omakase the Year in Review series continues with a look at All Japan! Back for another year, the Year in Review series will focus on a different promotion each week and get you all caught up on them. Didn’t see a ton from their year? Feel like you need a refresher course? We go through as much of the year as we can in chronological order, highlighting stuff you may have missed along the way. Then we discuss our picks from the promotion for the traditional Observer-style awards, including: Wrestler of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Best Major Show, Match of the Year and more.

It was another strong year for Zen Nihon, as AJPW continued to build on their past few years with a strong run of Korakuen crowds (their first year with no crowds under 1000 there in a while!) and a 10% overall attendance bump (not counting the lack of a Ryogoku show). But did the promotion stagnate at all in the back half of the year? Here to break it down with John are three first-time guests: Nathan (@IconNoStardom), Paul (@Darth_Dragon) and Richie (@Richeyedwardsms). All three watched virtually all the AJPW that made tape this year and are here to lend their expertise and opinions. What made this year’s Champion Carnival so great? How good were the two Miyahara-Zeus matches? Who should be the next big rival for Miyahara next year? We talk all of this and more, plus answer your questions!

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