It’s another trip through wrestling’s past this week on Wrestling Omakase! This is the sequel episode of sorts to our previous rating every year episode (#62, Rating WWF/E From 96-06), as this time around we look at World Championship Wrestling! John is joined by returning guest Rich Kraetsch of the Voices of Wrestling flagship (@voiceswrestling) and first-time guest Scott (@tapemachines) to break down each year of WCW from 1994 through 2000!

We start with the year of Hulk Hogan’s debut up through the nWo years and end with the very depressing Russo era, and it’s quite a trip. Hear us give each year a rating from 1-5, pick an MVP, Match of the Year, and Best & Worst PPV, and just generally give our thoughts and feelings on what we think is or isn’t worth watching. What’s fun bad and what’s just brutally boring bad? What year of WCW is better on PPV and which are better for watching weekly Nitros? To be honest with you we give far more detail for the earlier years than the later ones, as the answer for what part of late WCW you should watch is really “not much”. Still, there are a few gems buried in those final few years, and we’ll definitely help you find them. It’s all things WCW all the time, this week!

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