The best of the best from the last week of WWE television.

Monday Night RAW

Drew submits a Legend

Reports that Drew McIntyre would be getting a huge push look to be very true. After defiantly ending the partnership with Braun Strowman he has now made Kurt Angle tap out to an Ankle Lock. McIntyre comfortably beat a legend and has looked strong for weeks now. It doesn’t hurt someone of Angle’s stature to take a loss here but it does a world of good for Drew.

Rousey promo

In this current war of words between The Man and The Baddest B*tch On The Planet it was always going to be hard for Rousey to come close to Becky. That being said her promo here was quite good. It felt quite natural and her delivery was intense, she not only built Becky up but also let her know that Rousey is someone you don’t want to mess with.

SmackDown Live

Becky Responds, Nikki Wants To Play

Becky Lynch responded to the aforementioned Rousey promo with her usual swagger. It’s not a surprise at this rate that Becky has cut a good promo but it always deserves to be highlighted. The best part of this segment was Nikki Cross showing up to face The Champ. Cross plays an unusual character very well and it could play very well off of some of the characters on Smackdown, much like it did here with The Champ. And hey, Sanity was on TV, good for them.

Shook Charlotte (Thanks Cageside Seats) & Women’s Mid Card Development

This is not a drill, Charlotte Flair has a character arc that doesn’t involve arrogance or Ric Flair. Following up on last week’s refusal to captain Team SmackDown Charlotte did not come out to take her place on Team SmackDown. Charlotte questioning herself after losing her best friend and losing a grueling feud offers them a chance to move her around the card and give her a proper character. While we may not like where this ends up, probably beating Becky and Rousey, it’s always good to see a Superstar doing something new.

The development of the women’s mid-card should not be as monumental as it is but with the Mandy/Sonya split and a possible Mandy vs. Naomi feud we have a non-title feud for the women. Rose was good on the mic in this segment and could emerge as a strong heel. Singles feuds and simple storylines, this is everything a mid-card feud needs to be.

Mixed Match Challenge

Truth Got to Spit Bars

Instead of our regularly scheduled dance break, we got A RAP BATTLE. Truth got to drop some bars, Mella rhymed and Naomi was that one person who takes the thing too seriously and does really well.


Burch vs Dunne

The reign of the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne continued with a win over Danny Burch. This match was as good as expected from two of the best workers on the brand. Dunne continues to be the Ace of the brand and delivers every time out regardless of the opponent.


War Games Hype

If you weren’t already excited to see eight of NXT’s best to go to war inside the classic structure then this video is all you need. It recapped the shared history of all 8 competitors and how chaotic previous meetings have gotten. All with the aim of getting us excited to see the carnage unfold in a ring instead of all over Full Sail.