Last week’s debut seemed to go well, and since I love the chance to ramble on about independent wrestling at every chance I get, I’m back to spout off a bit more about my love of the indies. There is some great stuff all over the place this week. There’s more greatness from Europe, another weird Joey Janela show in LA, an underrated guy gets a big match in Canada and the Aussie scene continues to grow.

Independent wrestling has never been as accessible as it is right now. Pretty much every promotion has a streaming service. I subscribe to more of them than I have any right doing, but with so much out there it’s an absolute bugger to keep up with everything.

So, get in on some of this and find yourself a new favorite promotion.


Bar Wrestling – TestleMania – Thursday – Baldwin Park, California.

We start this week’s coverage in LA for Bar Wrestling, the home of the famous dick guy and a promotion built around their rowdy crowds and crazy antics. This Thursday’s show is a benefit for men’s health in conjunction with Movember. Two of the manliest guys in wrestling will be going head to head in the main event, as the recently crowned ‘NWA National Heavyweight Champion’, Willie Mack takes on ‘The Man, The King, The God’, Nick Gage. This match is both intriguing and terrifying and I’m not completely sure that someone won’t die. There’s also a match between a doctor and a bad girl, with Britt Baker taking on Penelope Ford. Brody King, Ethan Page and Marko Stunt will also be appearing at the packed out American Legion Hall. Fancy Watching? Head over to their website to find out more.

Freelance Wrestling – Friday – Hired Gun – Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago.

Freelance Wrestling aren’t a particularly big promotion. They use a lot of the Chicago guys that you may not see elsewhere. Two of their regular talents, Kylie Rae and GPA have been trying to kill each other in a series of intergender matches ever since GPA attacked his ‘Awkward Team Hunger Force’ partner after they lost their final match as a tag team, at the promotions Stained Glass Ceiling show in January. The rivalry continues this Friday at Hired Gun, this time in an elimination, Survivor Series style match. Kylie Rae will partner with Isaias Velazquez, Craig Mitchell and Gringo Loco against GPA and his partners, EyeCandy Elliot and one of my favorite tag teams, JD Drake and Anthony Henry. This match sounds like it could be a blast and the show will be streaming live over on Even if you aren’t overly familiar with Freelance, this feud has been great and is certainly worth a watch.

Game Changer Wrestling – Friday –  Joey Janela’s LA Confidential – The Hi Hat, Los Angeles.

Can we all agree that GCW is the Independent promotion of the year? A promotion that started as the Deathmatch company after breaking away from CZW, they have gradually moved into the role of the crazy nostalgia promotion that gives you matches you never thought possible. Marty Jannetty, Psicosis, Dan Severn, Hakushi and The Great Sasuke have all appeared for them at some point and their buzz continues to grow at a remarkable rate. Tickets for their Mania weekend Spring Break 3 show sold out in less than a minute last week, and it truly is insane to think how popular they have become over the last few years. The Great Sasuke will be returning this Friday, and will again deliver a dream match you never knew you needed as he faces one of the original indie darlings, Amazing Red. There will be more weirdness on the card with former WWE kick ass, Hardcore Holly facing Brody King is a big old hoss fight. Nick Cage will also be around hitting people with light tubes and trying to fight the crowd. The show is available to watch here.

Reality of Wrestling – Saturday – Ladies Night Out 4 – World Gym Arena, Texas City.

Booker T may not be the greatest commentator in the world, in fact, he’s as far from it as anyone with the exception of Lanny Poffo, but he has proved himself as a very good promoter over the last few years. His Reality of Wrestling promotion has become one of my favorite weekly shows this year, an easy 40 minutes watch comprised of mostly homegrown talent, they are a nice break from the usual ball to the wall super Indies taking place around the world. Their all-female events are always a treat, and Ladies Night Out 4 takes place next Saturday at The World Gym Arena in Texas City. Current Diamonds division champion, Hyan takes on the undead bride, Su Yung. Hyan won the title at the first Ladies Night Out and here she faces the Impact Wrestling star in a no disqualification match. Jordynne Grace (providing her ankle holds up), Ivelisse, Thunder Rosa, Taya Valkyrie and Ariel Monroe are all scheduled to appear. Visit their website for more.


Pro Wrestling Chaos – All or Nothing: Chaos Rumble – Saturday – Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol.

Now to the to the South West of England for Pro Wrestling Chaos. A small promotion that flies under the radar as opposed to some of the bigger companies in the UK, they actually have a pretty decent roster. On Saturday they will be hosting their Chaos Rumble at the Yate Leisure Centre in Bristol. Who doesn’t love a rumble? I love the buggers. Whether good or bad, they’re always entertaining. The talent scheduled for this makes me think this one could be in the good category. Competitors including Mark Haskins, Chris Brookes, Drew Parker, James Drake, Flash Morgan Webster, Kip Sabian and Martin Kirby are all amongst the finest talents in the country. So, what’s not to love? Visit their website to find out how to watch.

Attack – Memento Mori – Sunday – Walkabout, Cardiff.

Attack Wrestling is weird. While the rest of the wrestling world is giving the super indie matches that make us scream 5 stars, every time Will Ospreay defies gravity or WALTER chops somebody’s nipples off, Attack prefers to offer something a little different. A promotion based around strange characters and stories, they are often compared to the Chikara’s and the DDT’s of the world. Providing a niche for fans who don’t take their wrestling too seriously. Their next show will see the continuation of a rivalry that has been building for some time, with LK Mezinger and Splits McPins battling it out on Sunday. If you are more of a work rate fan, then the three-way tag match of The Hunter Brothers vs Aussie Open vs Nothing to Prove should fulfill your needs. This show is literally right around the corner from my house, but since I am a grumpy old git who does take his wrestling too serious I will not be attending. If you do fancy getting weird though, visit their website.

Fierce Females – Dark – Sunday – The Shed, Glasgow.

Wrestling in Scotland has taken a bit of a hit lately. The hype that once surrounded the kings of the scene, ICW seems to have disappeared, and while there are a lot of other promotions fighting their way to the top there is isn’t as much buzz about any of them right now. The only all-female promotion in the country, Fierce Females are back for their next show this weekend at the Shed in Glasgow. What started as ICW’s female brand, they seem to have branched out on their own of late. One of the stand-outs of the UK women’s scene, Sammi Jayne will be facing the future of the UK & Ireland, Raven Creed. The OTT graduate Creed is as a good a prospect as you’ll find in women’s wrestling and she recently defeated Jayne for the OTT Women’s championship in a great match, so expect this to be very good. There will be a few more of the Irish contingent on show, as the rookie Amy Allonsy, wrestles the queen of Irish wrestling, Katey Harvey. Fancy watching? Head over to their website to find out how.

Rev Pro – Live in Southampton 5 – Sunday – The 1865.

Fresh from their massive Uprising show, Rev Pro is on the road this week for Live in Southampton 5. Much like the Cockpit shows, these shows generally have more of a homegrown feel to them than the bigger Japanese dominated York Hall extravaganzas. Next Sundays show does include some International talent though, as Kimber Lee and The Great O-Kharn will both be appearing. The local talent will include Josh Bodom, MK Mckinnan, HxC, and Gideon Grey. I sometimes prefer seeing the local talent in Rev Pro as opposed to the New Japan guys beating the home-grown talent for no reason, so this show looks pretty interesting to me. Visit their website for more.


C*4 – Hard Target: 11th Anniversary Celebration – Friday – Ottawa, Ontario.

I mentioned last week how the Canadian scene was still going strong. This week I present more evidence of that, with some great stuff happening all over the country. C*4 (or Capital City Championship Combat for those who love a tongue twister) is the first up, with their 11th Anniversary Celebration taking place this Friday in Ottawa. The match that gets my attention is without a doubt Josh Alexander vs. Matt Cross. Alexander is a talent who really deserves to be seen more. His recent match in C*4 with Jeff Cobb was in the mid-4-star category for me and he is certainly the stand-out performer for the promotion. While Cobb works a very similar style to Alexander, the high-flying Cross is a much different prospect for ‘The Walking Weapon’, and I will be searching out this match as soon as it becomes available. Check out their website.

Smash Wrestling – Saturday – Challenge Accepted – Montreal, Quebec.

Smash Wrestling find themselves atop the Canadian wrestling mountain. Their shows have always had a great energy around them and they generally seem to be the most buzzworthy promotion in the country. They were brought to my attention several years ago when they did a few shows with Progress wrestling and it was talents like Tyson Dux, Tarik, Rosemary and Cherry Bomb who pulled me in. Hell, even the incredibly annoying Sebastian Sauve is always worth a watch. They recently became another member of the ever-growing Fight Network family and they will be filming more matches for their weekly show at Challenge Accepted on Saturday. The once heralded Teddy Hart continues his comeback to the Independent Scene and will be facing Scotty O’Shea and Matt Cross in a three-way. Lufisto vs Jody Threat will be providing the female action. Visit their website for more.

Xtreme Zone Wrestling – Live Show – Saturday – Sorel, Quebec.

While Smash and C*4 are probably towards the upper level of the Canadian scene, Xtreme Zone Wrestling is a bit lower on the ladder. Based out of Quebec and generally using a lot of the lesser known local talent, they do put on a hell of a lot of shows for such a small company. Former Lucha Underground star, Angelico recently won their Gen-X Championship at their Champions of Steel event in October and next Saturday he defends the title in a three-way against Kevin Beru and Buxx Belmer. Check out their website if this show catches your attention.

Rest of the World

wXw – Broken Rules – Saturday – Dresden.

Europe’s biggest promotion and one of the main reasons for the emergence of wrestling on that continent, wXw recently announced that they were stopping their weekly Shotgun shows and downscaling their live shows. This raised a lot of alarm bells for many fans, with rumors abound that they were getting into bed with the evil overloads in Connecticut. The rumors seem to be coming true, with WWE recently holding trials in Germany and announcing that former wXw star, and now Lago Loop guy, Axel Dieter Jr will be making an appearance at his home promotions 18th Anniversary show next month. The thought of wXw becoming another of WWE’s puppet promotions terrifies me, but I’ve decided that since it does seem inevitable, I’m just going to enjoy what they give me until the moment Steve Cutler and Taynara Conti win all the titles. On Saturday, they hold their next big show, Broken Rules. With Ilja Dragunov defending the Interim wXw Unified Championship against PCO. There is no possible way I could ever express my excitement for this match, so I’m just going to take my pants off now in anticipation for it. We’ll also be getting Bobby Gunns vs Absolute Andy in a number one contender match and the continuation of the RingKampf infighting, as WALTER and Timothy Thatcher chop the crap out of each other. I can’t recommend this promotion enough, so sign up for wXw on-demand and watch some awesome wrestling.

German Hurricane Wrestling – Storm Attack – Saturday – Hessen.

If you are tired of me harping on about wXw being the saviors of the world and you want to check out some other stuff going on in Germany, then this one’s for you. German Hurricane Wrestling is a promotion based in Hessen and has been in business since 2009. Their current champion is Drake Destroyer. He’s a big Swiss bastard who looks like he could break you half with ease and not give you a second thought. On Saturday, he defends the title against Aaron Insane in the main event. I’m not too familiar with Aaron Insane, but Drake is an absolute beast. The mid-card of the show sees a collection of the next big things in European wrestling collide in a tag match, as Oliver Carter & The Rotation take on Senza Volto & Bernd Fuhr. Other familiar names appearing include CWC competitor Tristan Archer, ‘Bad Bones’ John Klinger and The Pretty Bastards. More information is available here.

Melbourne City Wrestling – End Game 2018 – Saturday – The Thornbury Theatre, Victoria.

Much like the UK scene broke out last year, wrestling in Australia has really taken off this year and MCW are very much at the center of this buzz. The company has produced a lot of great talent recently and through their partnership with New Japan, they have had Okada, Naito and Bad Luck Fale on their shows in recent times. In their final show of the year, the best big man in the country, Jonah Rock challenges the ‘is he or isn’t’ Bullet Club member, Gino Gambino for the MCW Heavyweight Championship. The mid-card, work rate match will see Adam Brooks putting the Intercommonwealth Title on the line against a man who had a great match with Kazuchika Okada in the promotion last year, Slex. Go sign up for their on-demand, you know it makes sense.