A recap of the week that was for WWE.

Monday Night RAW

Babyface Elias

The first week of babyface Elias was fantastic. The crowd eats up everything he does and his comedic timing is really good. His interaction with Dana Brooke was great and got a good chuckle from the live crowd. Putting him opposite Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin helps as both men are extremely unlikeable. I expect big things from babyface Elias!


The Brood

New Day showed up as The Brood in 2018! We all got the audio pleasure of listening to The Brood’s excellent entrance theme while Vince and co. had a good laugh.

World Cup Hype Videos

It was nice to finally see someone other than Kurt Angle get a chance to speak about the World Cup. Giving people like The Miz, Jeff Hardy, and Randy Orton direct material and a minute to work with then you get some entertaining hype for the World Cup.


Danny Burch

Burch had a sit-down interview on show number 2 that got over his character and who he is. It was that simple all they had to do was let him speak and tell his story but his tone and the way he spoke is what took it over the top. He sounded and spoke like a man that knows he’s tough and was ready to do anything to get the UK Championship. Between his match with Gradwell and his promo, Burch was this week’s MVP and his match with Dunne is sure to be a hard-hitting affair.

205 Live

Main Event

Once again the 205 Live main event was the standout match of the week. Mustafa Ali continues to be WWE’s wrestler of the year as he and Tony Nese tore the house down.



Matt Riddle finally made his in-ring TV debut on NXT. Riddle looked like an absolute star and his entrance theme is arguably better than his indie tune. After running through his greatest hits against Menzies Riddle walked away with the easy win. An impressive performance from Riddle and a perfect debut for the Bro.

Crown Jewel

Shawn still has it

Shawn Michaels made his in-ring return after an 8-year retirement. While it wasn’t difficult considering the ages of everyone in the match Michaels came out of that main event looking better than any of the other competitors. While I’m not saying we need a Shawn Michaels comeback I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him step into a ring again sometime soon.