This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s Jake (@oatgan)’s pick for winning our 2018 Champions Fantasy Draft, and he chose to have us watch a rather infamous show: FIP Everything Burns 2017! At his behest we’re also joined by the hosts of the now ex-podcast Everything Evolves, Aaron Taube (@aptaube) & Aaron Bentley (@aaronlikethecar).

Journey back to 1/8/17 and the early days of the FloSlam era of WWN, as Gabe promised a new era would begin for this long-running indie promotion. He also promised an EDGY~! new direction, which results in a LOT of cursing on this show. This show is very strange, only running about 2 hours and 15 minutes but featuring nearly as much talking as wrestling. It also features a weird mix of guys who have popped up all over the rest of WWN/the indies in general after this (Austin Theory, Fred Yehi, Sami Callahan, Jason Kincaid, etc.) and guys who have barely been seen again (Teddy Stigma! others!).

We talk hecklers, PLANTS, cursing ring announcers, and much more. Plus, we answer some of your questions, discuss how the Aarons are feeling just a couple days after announcing the end of their own podcast, and more! It’s a weird trip back to a weird time for US indie wrestling, this week!

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